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  1. Check Camerasunderwater.co.uk. Nauticam #21305.
  2. I had the same issue. It was a corroded advanced cancel circuit switch. Bought a replacement and problem was solved. You can check it by removing the good one from your other strobe and installing it in the underpowered one. I first pushed it in then unscrewed it by hand. A little tight at first.
  3. Just saw the post so probably too late for you. I have 180 deg one for sale.
  4. Bump! $850 Some one make me an offer, postage is about $25 as per USPS service so I'll cover that. Thanks.
  5. Used Aquatica magnifying Aquaview finder for old eyes! Minor cosmetic marks from use but otherwise works perfectly. $900 obo. $1333 new! Please PM. 1/ PayPal only. 2/ Shipping from Palau so either USPS or DHL at your cost. 3/ Any charges duty at your cost.
  6. I wonder if the populations in the other marine lakes in Palau are still alive?
  7. Not to mention if you can coax someone into taking you Ambon port has one of my favorite wrecks in SS Agulia (Ex Duke of Sparta) sunk by the Americans during Operation Haik in 1958 in their fight against the Commies!
  8. It does depend on what you want to shoot. I love my D300 but needed something more suited for high speed low light wide angle spawning shots. Probably a D4 would have been better but went with the D800e as it was easier to travel with and meant I could keep both kidneys. Overall I'm very impressed with FX performance and wouldn't go back to DX.
  9. I had the same issue with my Aquatica AD300 housing. The E clip fell of the playback button during the dive and I only noticed the button was protruding a bit more than usual when I was getting ready for the 2nd dive. I put duct tape on it and did about another 10 dives without issue. I tried the Ike clips but they were different. I now carry about a dozen spares.
  10. That is strange. I have about 1400 dives on mine and the strap is fine.
  11. Streamlining was my main concern and I like my front chest area free. Thinking like that I decided to buy a jj CCR which has BMCL's and I mount the bailout on the left back of the rebreather can. This way I have nothing in front except the camera. This also prevents my camera rig banging against the bailout when I deploy SMB.
  12. I always put a vacuum on my Aquatica housing now and it just recently saved me a flood when I inadvertently unscrewed my flat port during some decompression stops in heavy seas. I did not notice until I was on the boat. I have no doubt in my mind the port would have come off considering the sea conditions if I had not had it sealed with a vacuum.
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