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  1. Hey Andy - I'm interested. PM sent. Thanks. Jen.
  2. Hey John - Thanks for the update. I am going to Beqa Lagoon in late July for a trip. Sounds like the shark dives are a must. Anything else that you would recommend? Jen.
  3. Hey all - I am looking for a used Ikelite XTI housing. If I were to buy a new housing, I think that I would move up to the Rebel T1i because it would have more life. Anyone looking to get rid of their old stuff?
  4. So - thoughts on what you can do when the carry on limit from LAX to Fiji is only 7 kg? My carryon empty weighs about that? You can have 2 pieces of checked luggage. Thanks.
  5. Jack - what do you want for the lenses? Jen.
  6. If you decide to break up the package, I would be interested in the housing, ports, and the tokina lense. Thanks.
  7. What a tiny beautiful baby. They grow fast. Enjoy every moment. Congrats to you both. Jen.
  8. Phil - I have an XTI so the housing and the camera don't work for me but if you are interested in breaking it up... I am in AZ
  9. You should also get a good focus light. A narrow beam flashlight will not work. This is mandatory if you're going to shoot anything inside or in dark spaces. Thanks for the advice. What would you consider to be a good focus light? I am leaning toward the lense and the strobe but am unsure about this light. Jen.
  10. I own an Olympus 5050, PT-15 and a DS51. This takes good pictures and I have been happy with it for several years. Going to Chuuk and have seen some of the amazing pictures that others are taking on this forum. I don't think that I have enough strobing to achieve the results that I want. I also own a Canon XTi that I use for land pictures. The cost for the Ike housing and 2 DS125s is quite high. So do I bite the bullet and buy the housing and strobes, buy the strobes for the Olympus, or move into a higher end PS such as the G9 with strobes. Seems like the cost between the G9 and Xti is about $1000. I am suffering from sticker shock but worry that the 5050/PT-15 combo might not get it done. Thanks. Jen.
  11. Thanks for the great advise. I am going on the Odyssey. Did you shoot video and stills on the same dive?
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