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  1. I like the model you are talking about but it doesn't accomadate 2 divers and gear. I thought long and hard about it but I don't want my wife kicking that hard to keep up. It might make the ride home either really quite or really loud (neither being good ) I am going to try the DiveYak in a couple of weekends. I have to work this weekend coming up. Work just keeps getting in the way of my diving!
  2. Kiwi, How did it paddle with all of the gear and you in the back? It seems that we will have a very similar setup as my wife is a good 40 - 50 pounds lighter than me. I found a shop that rents them here in San Diego. I want to try one out before I okay it. How large was the anchor? I looked at one today that was "designed" for a kayak but not for the conditions here. Have you had it out in any bad weather, swells, or 2-3 foot waves? I really am thinking this is the kayak after looking at the rigid hull versions. The tandems don't have the room for all of the gear unless you leave one of the passengers out which defeats the purpose of a tandem! Thanks for sharing the article with me.
  3. I was asked yesterday by my mom what I wanted for Christmas, and I replied "I don't know." She suggested a tandem kayak for my wife and I, and I said "OKAY!" Has anyone used the said name product or can recommend another one. I only say this one because of the storage space, but I do have a garage that can be rigged up with a pulley system to store it in the rafters. What would be the pros/cons of this over a used Zodiac, besides the obvious used/abused part? Any help would be appreciated! Barry
  4. Happy Holidays! I can't wait for the in-laws to wake-up! Every other day these guys are up at 3 in the morning. This is the first day I have beat them up. Yes, at times I can be worse than my 4 year old! I hope everyone has a fun and happy holiday! Best Fishes! Barry
  5. Where did you get mounts for your Niteriders and how much did they cost. I found a good deal on two sets of the Blackwater 3000's. These are excellent lights and I want to add them to my UW housing for my DV camera. I actually have most of the supplies to make my own mounts but they would be really cheesy but useable Also do you think you could send me a pic of your mounts for the lights and the batteries?
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