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  1. Thanks again for all the great advice. At this point I'm looking at the Nikon 200D with Sea & Sea housing, dual Ikelite strobes, focusing light, 60mm macro and 10-17 w.a., both with glass ports.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I would consider the 30D but was looking at the 5D due to more advanced electronics and higher pixel rate. I'll look into SeaCam and Subal however they might be out of my price range
  3. The problem I'm having is that many of my pictures are out of focus. I'm thinking that the focus light would greatly help in this regard. Also, I think I'll get better light balance using dual rather than a single strobe. I'm not totally happy with the Ikelite housing. The wheel and plastic ring for adjusting the zoom is not the greatest quality and I've had problems with this since day one. So, if I decided to go with a new housing, my thinking was that I would upgrade the camera at the same time. Or, I could get a better dome port and zoom control for the existing Ikelite. In any case, I'm also looking to get a better Macro and wide angle lens. I could certainly do this with the existing Rebel / Ikelite set up, and get new dome ports for the new lenses. Maybe the zoom aparatus from Ikelite has improved over the past few years. Thanks for your reply to my posting!
  4. I've been using a Canon Digital Rebel with Ikelite housing and single strobe for a couple of years with mixed results. I'm looking into upgrading camera and housing and would like some advice from the "experts" on this forum if you have a moment or 2 to spare. I'm looking at the Canon D5 but would certainly consider Nikon as well. Also considering Sea and Sea housing with dual Inon strobes and a focusing light. Question 1 - any advice, recommendatations regarding this set up? Question 2 - planning a trip to Galapagos. Which lens or combination of lenses are recommended? Thanks so much for any advice!
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