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  1. Hi David, I'm also using the PT-015 and read about your idea of fixing a bracket directly to the top of the housing. Sorry, I can't really imagine at the moment, do you have already a photo of your new construction? Cheers Matt
  2. Hi folks, I'm using my Oly4040Z in a PT-010 for 2 years now. Thanks to this lens there was no real need to use any external light so far even for breathtaking manta ray photos down at 100 ft. For taking photos e.g. in caves or at night I'm thinking right now about investing in a source of light. Is there a recommendation for digital cameras? Yes, I must say without being an expert and without any experience I'm tending to a videolight-system that allows the camera to autofocus even in dark surroundings or just to dive with when I don't want to take any photos. Where are the flashlight supporters? Do you have any contrary arguments? And now the videolight fans: Which kind of systems do you use and what are your experiences? (E.g. 1 videolight vs. 2 lights?, bulb?, capacity?, manufacturer?, tray? arm?). I'm happy also with the answer to some of my questions... Thanks! Matt
  3. Hi Folks, again I would like to show off some of my latest U/W-photos I took during my stay at Malta and Gozo at the Mediterranean Sea in May 2002. I'm still using my Olympus C4040 in a PT-010 housing. But now have a look at: http://de.photos.yahoo.com/bc/sibi1de/lst?...otos.yahoo.com/ Comments are welcome!!! Matt
  4. Hi Todd, the photos are not bad. I don't know how often you are planing to take photos under water. If this happens only a few times a year there is no real need to get an external strobe. For getting nice un-bluish results you have to get closer to the object, best same level and use the internal flashlight of your Oly C3030. But if those photos are the start of an professional underwater-photographer career, you definitively have to get not only one strobe. Matt
  5. Hey Laz, those macros are extraordinary impressive ... Which part of the world have you been therefore? Please tell me also what kind of strobes you are using. Cheers Matt
  6. Hi Herb, yes, I used a photo editor for the color balance, but in January 02 it was only the Camedia Master 2.5 that came with the camera. And it took me only a few seconds per photo to correct the brightness and the greenish part of those distance-photos, that I took not only without any external strobe but also without any internal camera flashlight. For the macros from 0,2m up to 1m I naturally used the weakened camera flashlight but not the color balance afterwards. They still have their "original colours". Thanks! Matt [Edited on 21-3-2002 by Matt Siebert M.D.]
  7. Hi, no wide angle lens (because there was no space in my backpack for any additional camera equipment beside the Olympus C4040Zoom, the PT-010 housing and 4 smart media 128MB cards). No, sorry for joking, I don't own special equipment like this so far and perhaps you can understand me being surprised about the results (as a digital newcomer...). There was just the normal camera zoom lens, which is comparable to a conventional 35 mm lens ... Thanks! Matt [Edited on 21-3-2002 by Matt Siebert M.D.]
  8. Hi David, actually yes it's true: there was some dynamite fishing at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang just a couple of days before I went there around December 10th 2001. Fortunately there was no damage of the reef, but there had been thousands of dead and dying fishes ... a dreadful scenario! Some days later there was nothing to see anymore and there were millions of other colourful coral fishes (alive ones this time, not to forget the manta ray performance, one of my personal top ten dives). Nice to know that those guys who did this dynamite fishing have been punished pretty soon thanks to the news of Thai television and Bangkok Post and a strong public interest. I hope this will be deterrence enough and it seems that the new Marine National Parc Officers work quite well (although if it is an additional 200 bath per day per diver that makes them work. It's obviously worth it!!). Matt [Edited on 21-3-2002 by Matt Siebert M.D.]
  9. Hi Folks, late, but at least I worked it out to put some of my favorite U/W-photos from December 2001 here. I was backpacking all through Myanmar and South of Thailand, when I stopped at Ko Lanta for a couple of weeks for joining some friends who run the "Ko Lanta Diving Center" over there. I knew the divesites because of former visits, but it was a little bit different this time: I was used to U/W-photography since 1990 (reflex camera), but I never used a digital one so far and I was impressed about this small Olympus C4040 in the PT-010 without any additional strobes. There is excellent boat diving and beautiful marine life at the Andaman Sea; so have a look and enjoy the photos... (Comments are welcome!) http://de.photos.yahoo.com/bc/m_seabird/ls...rc=ph%26.view=t Matt [Edited on 21-3-2002 by Matt Siebert M.D.]
  10. Hi, is there anybody who can tell me where to get some replacement o-rings for my Olympus PT-010 U/W housing. I'm owning that housing since September 2001 (I'm verry happy about it) and I have done about 150 dives also in muddy and sea water. Before starting for a new expedition to South East Asia (and for not flooding my camera over there...) I want to replace all those o-rings (also at the back of the housing). Must be quite easy (only to get them is the problem (at least at Germany...). Cheers Matt
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