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  1. Would you be willing to sell the housing without the viewfinder? And it looks well loved...it is in complete working order? This would be an immediate need for me...would need it by Wed of next week.
  2. Seeking a Sea & Sea MDX 300 housing for a Nikon D300 camera is good working order. I only need housing but will consider ports, extras if the condition and pricing is right.
  3. Great shots....very effective sunburts! Can you please tell me what camera and settings these shots were taken on? I have trouble with sunbursts...as the exposure I need in order to create a shapely sunburst without blowing out highlights usually turns out to be much too dark for the rest of the image (even with dual strobes lighting the foreground subjects)...namely for the blue water background. I shoot with a Nikon D50....I know that the newer cameras are much better with this so I am very curious about your equipment & settings! Cheers!!
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