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  1. TWO IKELITE DS-160 Substrobes with Diffusers AND DUAL STROBE KIT (INCLUDES ARMS) (Strobes Retail $950 EACH: Product #4060.1) – Both only 2 years old and dove with less than 20 times. IN VERY GOOD CONDITION. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/ss_dig160.html I first had a single DS125 and dove with that for three years. Then I sent it in for servicing and something strange happened after it was services and on the next dive the front portion of the strobe completely flooded. I sent it back and they told me they would replace it for me for a small fee and upgrade me to a brand new DS-160! Talk about GREAT service from Ikelite! After less than one year, I decided to add another new DS160 strobe to the mix. Then I moved to a new job/location and have sadly not been in the water much at all with my cameras in the last 1.5 years. whaaaa INCLUDES: IKELITE SA-100 DUAL DUAL STROBE KIT = (2) SA-100 Arms - #4086.61 AND Ikelite ICS-5 Digital TTL Dual Sync Cord - #4103.52 (Retail $400) http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/ss_kits_sa100.html INCLUDES: TWO Diffusers #0591.3 Diffuser (Retail $19.99) TOTAL RETAIL NEW IS: $2320 WILL SELL FOR: $1750! (Does not include shipping within US) Please contact: JenLoves2Dive at gmail dot com Thank you!
  2. This is a great setup for a new photographer or a dive professional that would like to rent out an underwater camera to divers. I have THREE Olympus SP-350 Digital Cameras (8 megapixel). (Typically sell for $285-$300usd each), + Ikelite housing (Typically sells for around $300usd). Camera/Housing TTL compatible (I used an Ikelite DS125 strobe and a DS160 with it). Also includes: Ikelite Tray Handle w Quick Release, Ikelite Bayonet mount for easy on and off "wet-mount" lens changing underwater, three 1 gig high-speed media cards, batteries and the software CDs. TWO of the CAMERAS ARE NEW. The cameras are 8 megapixels and not only shoot in Manual, Program and Aperature settings, but also in 30 different mode settings. You can also program them for 4 "custom" My Mode settings for quick changes underwater. With the wet mount lens set-up, you can easily change from Wide-Angle to Macro lens underwater! If you are a dive professional you can easily rent this setup for $35+ a day. I'm selling the entire kit for $1050 usd. (Shipping Extra) I've attached a photo of the entire setup below. Pleased note the Inon lens are priced separately but will consider a price for the entire package including Inon lens. Please message or email me. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALSO FOR SALE: TWO additional Inon lenses. These Inon lenses are hard to get in the US. Easy underwater "wet-mount" attachment to the Bayonet mount on the Ikelite housing. (See above) UWL 105AD Wide Angle Lens - Sells for approx $325-$425usd - will sell for $280usd. Note: This lens can be used as a fish-eye lens on land. INON UCL 165 Stackable Macro Lens - Sells for approx $180 - will sell for $140usd. (Shipping not included) Note: This lens is made so you can "stack" another lens on top of it and get maximum macro power. All easily mounted & switched out underwater! I would prefer not to separate the cameras or the housing. The value is in selling the entire kit complete. Should you flood a camera (heaven forbid) you still have TWO more backups! You can email me at: JenLoves2dive (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you a complete pdf w photos and info.) Please note: Shipping in the U.S. will take one week to 10 days. Thank you! Thanks for looking!! UWL 105AD Wide Angle Lens INON UCL 165 Stackable Macro Lens BAYONET MOUNT COMPLETE SETUP
  3. Please tell me if you have sold the following as I didn't see a sold post: 2 rechargeable CR-V batteries and charger 2 Inon 165AD macro lens Inon 105AD wide angle lens Inon AD mount double lens caddy You can email me at: jenloves2Dive@gmail.com I am interested in purchasing them Thank you.
  4. SOLD! This Item Has Been Sold...Sorry...but I didn't know how to put "SOLD" in my original post. Thanks!
  5. Entire Camera Kit PLUS Accessories for $275.00 I just got back from Coz and I have decided to purchase more of a real pro camera set-up and today I just spent some serious money on a new Olympus camera, Ikelite housing and Ikelite strobe. Anyway, I no longer need the DC500. On my last trip (two weeks ago) I found that the strobe did not fire properly. I really haven't had the time to look at what the problem is with the strobe. I do know that you can purchase a new strobe separately for about $250. The camera itself has a bright built-in flash. You can play with the strobe and see if you can get it to work, but even without it you would still have the housing, the camera, wide angle lens, lens caddy, battery charger for the strobe batteries (double AA's), backup battery for the Seaife camera plus Sealife battery charger and software, and carrying case, etc. (See pricing below) I have all the original materials including the box it came in. Now, that I have all this new equipment, I don't have any more use for it. I think you can get a lot of good pics from it and it would be great for a beginner. If you can get the strobe to work, then you have yourself a free strobe...if not, you can always add-on a strobe later and still use the camera in the housing with the built-in flash. Shipping, not included so estimate around $20.00-25.00 (no higher). US Only. So...the $275.00 Includes: Sealife DC500 Camera (1 year old) - (Sells for $250.00 - $299.00 on Ebay by itself) Strobe (May or may not work) Sealife Wide Angle (Detachable) Lens - ($69.95 on Scuba.com) Camera Lens Dock for Wide Angle Lens ($18.95 on Scuba.com) Extra Sealife Extended Life DC500 Lithium Rechargeable Battery ($29.95 on scuba.com) Sealife Battery Charger for DC500 Lithium Battery - ($19.95 on Scuba.com) PowerEx MH-C204W AA Battery Charger ($41.00 on Thomas Distributing) 4 MiMh Rechargeable Bstteries (Included with charger) SanDisc 1 gig memory Card (Approx. $40.00) Reefmaster External Flash Optical Cable Connection ($29.95 on Scuba.com) Sealife Docking Station w/USB Cord ($29.95 on scuba.com) Padded Carrying Case Software, Manuals, Power cord and USB cord. Interested? Email me at: Easternmedgirl@comcast.net Will take PayPal. Thanks!
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