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  1. I have to reply to this thread! As I was so angry with American Airlines after my last flight up from the British Virgin Islands that I swore I was going to use every last point I had on them and fly anyone else! So, I have to go back down to the BVI from San Francisco this month, went in to use points, and to use anything other then first class 120,000 anytime points on the days I wanted to travel, they were giving me this itienary: San Francisco to Detroit Detroit to Miami Miami to San Juan San Juan to Tortola Effectively rolling EVERY single airport I hate the most into one itienary that I could have the pleasure of using all my Frequent Flyer miles. Decided to use 120,000 points to get something else and I have the pleasure of going from SFO to MIA to SJU to EIS, got to miss out of DTW. Effectively making me hate American even more then I already did....
  2. OK for stupid flood of the week. This happened a month ago, and I had been planning on going for a dive after watching Survivor. (We live on a boat) The guys were fishing off the back deck at dusk and I thought "If I hurry I can get a dive in BEFORE the show" and then I don't have to do my dive too late. We were in a great spot. So, off I go and it was shallow at the back of the boat so I did not really have the camera positioned going down correctly, as my buoyancy was off. When I realized that I had bubbles coming out up I went, handed it up to my husband, and he thought it was heavy, but did not think I flooded it. Until of course he took it off and it was TOTALLY filled up with water! Not an inch anywhere of air I believe. The cord for the hotshoe had gotten caught. Rushing to set it up, and get the dive done before watching Survivor that night cost be a D200 body and a 60 mm lens. An expensive TV episode if there was ever one! But a good reminder of how careless you get, and the saying "it is not if you flood it but when" So, yep, I kicked myself for a week or two over that one.
  3. This is the first time that i have shown any of my pictures, except for on my own web and blog sites, so it is with a gulp that I put them up. I shoot with a NIKON D200, aquatica housing, viewfinder and Ikelike DS125 strobes. The system flooded last night, so it is bittersweet that I put these up! Takes us a bit to order things into the islands. These were all taken in the British Virgin Islands. This Batfish, was taken with a 105mm lens, and I had just dropped into the mud under the boat on Guana Island while the charter guests were having dinner. The jacks were taken with a 12-24 wide angle on the wreck of the RMS Rhone Turtle was also taken with the 105mm lens off Salt Island in the BVI
  4. Now why did I not think of buying a second one that is smaller? Probably because I believe my husband may shoot me when I say "well, I could be happier with the tens of thousands of dollars of expensive camera gear I have, but I think I will just get another small inexpensive set up for when i don't feel like using the big one" I already have the small olympus waterproof camera that I use for snorkeling. In my world, that is making sense! Then I could compare the two before I decide to sell the big one. I live in the British Virgin Islands, so I have lots of opportuity to use them. Thanks for the thoughts, it gives me more to ponder over.
  5. Probably don't see this alot. I bought the Nikon D200 last year with assorted lens and an Aquatica Housing, viewfinder, Ikelite D125 strobes. I was not a photographer before, and did not understand the photography process, so it has been a steep learning curve. I use the pictures a lot for my blogs, websites and sell some to guests in my business. They work well for that! I find the controls difficult underwater, I never really have the patience to "set up" a shot, and I find the system very bulky. I usually have my husband set up my housing etc for me, as I don't really have the patience for that and he loves it. So, in some ways, I just have to step into the water with it which is easy. I have the opportunity to use it quite a bit, if I like, living on a boat, but I have found myself going back and forth since the day I bought it whether I would have been happier with a point and shoot set up with strobes, something much smaller and lighter, that would still give me pretty good quality, without me needing control of everything. I have learnt how to shoot manual, but it is a struggle and I do a lot of post editing on lighting control etc. I know I will never be a professional photographer! I still prefer to use the focus on automatic and probably if I kept this system definitely get the new TTL cords that are coming out for it. I had originally bought it as I had a Nikon Coolpix 4800 with a housing and it had no strobes and the lag time for taking pictures drove me crazy. I have decided to look and see if there are other underwater camera systems that would maybe fit my needs better. Can anyone offer any opinions on a high end point and shoot for underwater that I may be happy with after the Nikon D200? My other thought was that since I keep on going back and forth on whether to keep this or not, that if I was going to change, I should do it before it loses any resale value.
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