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  1. I am looking to sell my 5D MKII along with Aquatica housing(Ikelite bulkhead)-I have wide angle and macro ports and focus gears. Send me an email.
  2. I have been doing freedive photography under the name One Breath Photography for some time. Today my google alert sent me email saying that someone in the UK now has a site named www.onebreathphotography.co.uk. This is a bit disconcerting because for years I have operated under this name and have a number of well-known images associated with this name(e.g. cover of Alert Diver from last month). I am unaware of what copyright law applies, but I have been working under a business license with this name for several years now in Hawaii. Does anyone know what recourse I have? Thank you in advance! --John Johnson One Breath Photography www.onebreathphotography.com
  3. A quick trip to Japan provided me with the opportunity to pick up a pair of Inon Z240s. I got it from the same place as my Z220s way bak in 2004 or so...this time I didn't need him to meet me at the station in the middle of a typhoon. When the box arrived today at the office I was reminded of why I loved my Z220s so much...the box felt empty and yet it held two strobes...I opened the box just to make sure it didn't have just packing peanuts in it... Next step is to get some arms and an Ikelite-Inon dual cord since my Aquatica is rigged for Ikelite...
  4. When you say the recycling rate is pretty slow, you mean that the stated recycle speed of 1.7 seconds was noticeably slower than the stated recycle of the DS-160's 1.5 seconds? I'm not too sure if this is much of a factor for me...I was looking at the strobe comparison chart weighing the Z240 against the DS-160 and the specs are so similar...a few minor differences, but the most important specs seem to be near identical. The main differences of concern I have so far is that 1. The Inon is much smaller and easier to work with as a freediver(581g vs 1300g x 2 strobes), 2. Inon takes AA batteries, 3. I'm not sure what the status of Inon America is after the feud Mark Rupert had with Inon Japan so I don't know about ease of customer support issues...4. full recycle time is slight advantage Ike, 5. granularity of manual settings advantage(slight) to Inon, and 6. flashes per charge slight advantage to Inon, but really I guess my concern is in the top 3 issues mentioned... I did get the Ike plugs for the Aquatica, but I believe there is a dual sync cord from Ikelite that allows you to connect Inon to Ikelite housings, so theoretically this should work with a dual sync cord purchase... Still thinking on this one...
  5. I have two old Z220s, but don't know if they will be compatible with the Aquatica housing for the 5D MKII. I have only the DS-161 right now and have to buy another one and a smart charger(sold the one I had) or sell it off and buy two Inons. Weight in water has nothing to do with my delimma. It's surface area. In freediving you go up and down in the water column all day long and often you're booking it horizontally on the surface as well. I want something light and with minimal drag without sacrificing performance. The Inons have half to a third the weight of the Ikelite DS-161, so I am pondering whether to sell off the Ike and get two Inons or double down on my Ike...I was hoping to hear from folks using Inons on an Aquatica 5D MKII setup if possible...
  6. It's been a half decade or so since I posted in here, but I need some advice on strobes. A long time ago I used the Oly 5050 with dual Inon Z220's in an Oly housing(triggered via optical cable). I loved my Inons and, as a freedive photographer, appreciated the size of them. I moved on to the Canon 20D in an Ikelite housing and bought a pair of DS-125s that worked nicely, but the heft of it was a bit much. I upgraded to the 5D MKII in an Aquatica housing and got a DS-161 to replace one of my DS-125s. I didn't like using the DS-125 and DS-161 together and sold the DS-125. I was going to buy a second DS-161, but have been having second thoughts. I have lately been developing wrist pain after several hours diving with the DS-125 and DS-161 and have been thinking about selling the DS-161 and getting a pair of Inons again(or could I even use my old Z220 strobes still?). Anyway, I was hoping to hear from anyone using Inons on an Aquatica setup with the 5D MKII...thanks in advance! Mahalo, John Johnson One Breath Photography www.onebreathphoto.com
  7. I have been freediving exclusively for about 9 years and have used several P&S systems as well as the Canon 20D and never really had any issues with flooding due to freediving.
  8. Thank you both for your help. My case is not so simple, it would seem. I have been approached with respect to having some images of mine adorn certain products and was wondering what kind of licensing would be appropriate. Would it be short-term, fixed price or indefinite, fixed price or per-unit charge. And if so, what would be fair compensation for the above? The places I have looked at heretofore don't seem to deal with this sort of licensing...any ideas? Mahalo! John
  9. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for sources for information on licensing fees for images. I have been asked to license images for use in products and am quite at a loss as to what the norm in the industry is. Could someone point me to a good reference or two? Thanks in advance!
  10. Much appreciated. Not sure what happened to the first email. I searched my spam folder and it's not in there, either. I'll go ahead and send it in. Thanks! --John
  11. Hmm...I sent email to repair@ikelite.com the day you posted the reply, and still no word back from Ikelite...
  12. Excellent! Thanks! I did the test and was able to get the ready light to blink but was unable to get the strobe to fire. I guess it is time for Ike to the rescue. Ike, can you send me an email with info on what to do? Thanks a bunch!
  13. OK...I have dual DS-125s for my 20D setup and usually only use one when I shoot the 18-55 lens. On one occasion I remember the strobe not firing and thought it must have been the connection with the flash hotshoe. I didn't have the problem afterwards(in hindsight I probably had used the other strobe). Anyway, today I went out with the 18-55 lens and one strobe and the strobe wouldn't fire. At all. The lights come on but it doesn't fire. Not in TTL or full dump or anything. It's not the battery--I swap batteries with the other strobe and it still doesn't work. The sync connector chord works with the other strobe, so it's not the chord. I have no clue as to why it won't fire, but it won't. There is no visible trauma to the strobe. There is no residue buildup. No leakage, no anything. It just won't fire. Any ideas? It's not the camera or the hotshoe connection, as it works with the other strobe. I can only think of the connectors from the battery to strobe, but they look fine...anyway, I would appreciate any advice or experiences you may have had...thanks! --John
  14. Thanks for the kind words. They are very much appreciated It's really been a nice couple of months. Now, to get back to the ocean... Luiz, I'd like to get in the water, too. Maybe waiting for the poop to clear would be a good idea though. I'm allergic to flesh-eating viruses.
  15. I just got a little surprise on the Inon site. I didn't realize I was the artist for THIS month I went over to the site and saw my picture on it. I was rather surprised and happy Time to send an email to my parents and let em know Anyway, I was really happy about this because I really love Inon's lenses and strobes and can't say enough about them and how great they are for freedive photography. This follows on the heels of the artist of the week over at Scuba Diver Magazine. Anyway, it was a nice month or two. Aloha, John
  16. Nice shot...but geez, they need a spellchecker...
  17. I will forego the standard "Split shots are a b!tch to take..." line...
  18. OK...I have to add to the "me too" list of wanting a signed copy...and I have to lose 20 pounds to buy the book?
  19. scubastu--INCREDIBLE set of pictures there! Very nice show!
  20. Thanks and thanks. James...at first glance I thought you were joking. For an object that is moving around so much, I couldn't imagine doing manual focus(plus I worry left hand out front working the knob might worry the critter). But I guess if you were shooting an animal that would return to a certain spot over and again, you could set up for that distance manually and just wait for it to return. Hmm...something to think about. Of course, my eyes getting the focus right is also a bit iffy
  21. I'm currently trying my 20D with the 100mm macro and having fun and frustrations. Decided to make myself manic and shoot dragons the other day with the following results--if anyone would like to share advice on their experiences with the 100mm please do tell... Children Will Play Up-side-down...boy, ya turn me... Ta Da! Parental Guidance Recommended... Anyway, going back to shoot em again and see if I can improve... --John
  22. Umm...I guess that's where I choose to disagree. I think that you can make the statement "taking pictures on SCUBA is easier than taking pictures while freediving" but to make the statement that someone on SCUBA "will get more quality pics" assumes too much of the SCUBA photographer and too little of the freediver photographer. They both should be doing the same thing--setting the shot, waiting for the shot, making adjustments. If they haven't done that, they shouldn't be shooting the picture to begin with. The resultant 50 shots shouldn't be necessarily differentiable qualitatively. And therefore I don't think it benefits anyone to "give the freedivers a break on the critiques". If we're talking u/w photography, we should still be critiquing the same thing. Anyhoo, these aren't flames, just beliefs...
  23. Forgot to mention--the reason most everything was centered was because I am fleshing out fish ID shots. I like shooting fish ID shots and try to get broadside shots of animals from time to time. I try to get them as centered as possible, but like to leave a little room to see what is around them. As for the "honesty pissing people off" part, no problems here. I have no problems with people grilling the work. Bang away with a hammer. My only problem is when people associate freediving with lack of skill in the water. Anyway, on to other pics...
  24. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Agreed, the above isn't that good--with this lens, I have only a couple dives and it's hellish learning the F-stop equivalents with the Oly 5050 I shot before(since it is all done in manual mode). This and the amount of backscatter in the water have been my most frustrating elements. I was having a lot of difficulty with focus for some reason. A lot of shots were coming back blurred or soft focused. I thought the shutter speed bump to 160 might be better since I was shooting at the 55mm end of the 18-55 lens. I'm not convinced that was the case. I think backscatter in the water(lots of stuff floating around the last week or two) is throwing off the focus a bit. We'll see...still learning the lens. I will post some more examples of my next outing...of course, it was in murk as well...an overcast day swimming in skim milk...thanks for checking out the site. That's my old stuff--I need to port some stuff over from my image DB to make it look like I've done something lately!
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