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  1. Dropping to $600, including camcorder. Does not include shipping.
  2. Dropping this to $1000 (or sane offer) including camcorder. I'd much rather sell this here to folks who know what they're about than taking it to Ebay.
  3. This is a Bluefin (not pro..no manual focus dial) for HFG10 with video back, Fathoms WA90 port, flat port, spare O-ring set, wrenches. Lightly used, in very good condition. Will consider reasonable lower offers. I can add a complete HFG10 camcorder with all original materials and larger battery for another $300, or $1300 total. Price given does not include shipping. Can provide photos, serial numbers to serious inquirers. --Richard
  4. Two lights, never flooded. Approximately 20 hours on the bulbs. Come with two dual-battery chargers (international input), and four sets of batteries. Approximately 30 hours of use per set. Does not include arms, and I don't have the silly little neoprene "vests" they came with. Some scuffs and scratches on the bodies. But they work great. Serious inquiries to rlmalisz@nguzu.com. Price does not include shipping. I am in the USA. --Richard
  5. Just wondering if anyone here had experience and suggestions with the camcorder settings for the HFS30 for UW use. I have turned off "face tracking", since that seemed to be doomed to making bad decisions. Have the camera currently set at 17mbps, 24p (for better low-light performance). Have not turned off image stabilization--it's supposed to be quite good in the camera, although I know that is another "feature" that doesn't translate well to UW use. I can certainly learn what does and doesn't work in Raja Ampat, but hints before the rig sees its first blue water would be welcome. --Richard
  6. While I had pretty much sworn off LMI, I've been without a video setup for my last two trips--have been waiting for something that would deliver acceptable video while still being small and light. I've been waiting (and waiting) for Gates to get Fathoms glass for their Vixia housings, but it hasn't happened and isn't clear it will. Apparently, LMI's Bluefin for this camera gives real one-touch white balance, and works pretty well. Before I plunge off this cliff, it'd be great to hear from anyone here who has (or has even used) this setup. LMI gives the housing mass at 7 pounds, and the cameras weigh nothing. It looks like they sell a float/life-jacket for this, which suggests it may be fairly negative in the water. Anyway, any feedback much appreciated. --Richard
  7. So did this outing happen, and how did it go? --Richard
  8. So Mike, I'd love to hear how your first wet adventure with this beast goes. I sold my Amphibico Endeavor (V1U) last winter, and am currently without a rig for this November's trip. Have really been eying the HFS21+Gates as the likely setup I could travel around Indonesia with without paying for it annually in their domestic overweight fees. Have been bugging Gates about the Fathoms port for this rig as well, and it sounds like there's progress there--or at least, we haven't hit flameout on it yet. So if you feel it dives well, and they make the glass, I'm almost certainly in. Canon claims the HFS21 to have better low-light performance than the HFS10. Do you see any difference? I guess it's supposed to be markedly better in this regard when shooting 24p than 60i, and now that I'm not struggling to mix footage from HDV, that's a real option for me. --Richard
  9. Or as was once said to another Scarlet, "Frankly, dear, I don't give a damn". I guess now I can start thinking about buying a car or a yacht again instead. This thing appears to be Gone With the Wind--or made of hot air. --Richard
  10. So the HFS21 looks like it'd be a pretty serious piece of gear. I have to wonder if the "eye level viewfinder" changes the body shape enough that it won't fit the same housings as the previous models.... http://www.macworld.com/article/145427/201...l?lsrc=rss_main --Richard
  11. Amphibico Endeavor Housing with HD rear monitor (for Sony V1U, FX7), in excellent condition Amphibico flat port for above (http://www.amphibico.com/store/optics-and-optical-accessories/phenom-endeavor-flat-port-assembly.html)...which has never been wet Amphibico 94 degree WA dome port for above with new, scratch-free dome (http://www.amphibico.com/store/optics-and-optical-accessories/phenom-endeavor-94-wide-angle-dome-port-assembly.html). This port fits this housing and the Phenoms, and allows full zoom-through, from full wide down to macro. Amphibico custom storm case for above, O-ring set. $3500 for the above. Note that the new price for the WA port alone is $3400. Also have an excellent condition Sony V1U with topside WA adapter, two large capacity batteries, and all original materials, available separately for $1500, or as a package with the housing above for a total package price of $4500. Obviously, these prices include neither shipping nor shipping insurance. Serious inquiries only, please.
  12. So I pinged them myself (hey, if they perceive enough interest, it may nudge them over). The answer I got back was that there would be no plans until they find out if Canon is continuing this line of camcorders next year. If so, it's a possibility. If not, it's DOA. And that they expected to find out at CES on January. --Richard
  13. The bent-up bar is odd looking. But given my experience with LMI handle controls, on any given dive, I'd only be sure that the mechanical control was going to obey my wishes. YMMV, and I was a believer and a follower for about five years. I just wound up underwater too many times with a rig that would shoot nothing, or in better cases, would shoot but not really under my control. If I have to work the controls one at a time and am sure they're going to work, I can live with that, and that's more important to me than slick looks. --Richard
  14. So here's hoping for something equivalent or close to the Fathoms super-wide that will fit this beast...
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