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    Oly C5050
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    Tetra 5050
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  1. I might be doing something wrong because I have searched everywhere that had "Tetra" and Oly settings, couldn't find these specifics.
  2. What settings do I have to have on my Oly 5050 to take advantage of the Tetra 5050 ROC/TTL functions? I was using "external" flash only to conserve battery power. After reading some posts it seems like you need the "internal + external" to be able to have the ROC work, or is it "slave" setting? I guess that if I have the setting to "external" only, I am using the Tetra as a manual setting, adjusting the output myself. Should the flash be in "slow 1"? I also heard that the constant flash inside the housing makes it too warm. Can you set the flash at -0.7 EV or something to conserve power? How can you switch from manual to ROC quickly? I also heard that you should turn your infra red illuminator off. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  3. http://www.uwcp.com/tutorials/t5050review.pdf I just tried this link and it was not working, do you still have that tutorial online? thanks
  4. I would like to buy a tetra C5050 macro lens and wide angle lens a_renny@hotmail.com
  5. Any suggestions on what to get for a tetra C5050 housing with a S&S DX 90 strobe? Where can I get a good deal? Thanks!
  6. I just got my Oly 5050, PT015, and DX90 Strobe. Can anyone give me some advice on the settings so I can take semi decent pictures on my first time? Any good articles? Thanks
  7. I just got my Oly C5050 and a PT015. I am thinking of getting the Sea & Sea DX90 strobe. Any suggestions on the arm and tray? Thanks!!!
  8. Sea & Sea Motor Marine IIEX less than 10 dives comes with: YS60 strobe 2T macro lens 20mm wide angle lens hard carrying case lens caddy package sells new for $1,700 Make me an offer! I am moving inland! 831-601-6936 a_renny@hotmail.com
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