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  1. For Sale Olympus C-4040Z Digital Camera (purchased April 02) PT-010 Housing (purchased April 02) - never leaked, very well looked after. S&S Adaptor Ring for supplementary lens 128 MB Smart Media + 16MB Smart Media cards Been on 2 dive trips (St Helena + Red Sea) - total of 5 weeks. Price - £650 Contact me at davemak@cytanet.com.cy Becoming an impoverished student for 5 years forces sale :-)
  2. Although it is rated by the manufacturer to 30M, I have had my PT10 down to 45m without a problem. Just make sure your insurance is up to date.
  3. I have the SS WAL which works a treat. As someone pointed out to me, its makes the Oly have a 20mm equivalency. I use it on almost every dive, except when I am specifically after little critters such as small fast fish. It was relatively cheap (cost me £150), screws on to the outside thread, easily removed and gives almost no distortion. So far I have detected the slightest vignetting in the bottom left hand corner but it is almost indistinguishable. The WAL is the only one from S&S that I can recommend - using the 2T macro with the adaptor was pitiful. Any good recommendations for macro lenses??
  4. I just got back from my 1st trip to Sharm last Monday. Agreed there are lots of boats! Far better diving than Hurghada. Fantastic marine life - pictures were very good IMHO. Dived with Camel dive club (www.cameldive.com) - very very impressed with the hotel and dive operation. Personally I didn't see any large pelagics but the other boats from the centre reported tiger, whitetip and hammerhead sharks between Ras, Tiran and even Ras Ghamila! Will be back again as soon as I can wangle time off work. Not the same as Bikini but a damn sight cheaper!
  5. Only experience I had with a mac was awful so I stay well away from them. Home PC is (currently) 2,27 GHz P4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB + 30 GB Hard Drives, firewire, USB 2.0, a3+ printer, CDRW 40x - Photoshop 6, ACDSee, PIEStudio and Windows XP Professional. Mobile PC is P3 450, 6GB hard drive, 64 MB RAM, fire wire, same software except Win 98SE. Allows me to do all I need on a 3 week trip. Back up onto CD via Cyclone CDRW external firewire drive. For you lucky people in the US - check out www.exchange-usa.com as they were selling Archos mp3 for $150. Anybody willing to post me one here? Computing gives another pull your hair out frustrating hobby too :-). The DVD ROM drive on the laptop is pure gold for those long airport waits, etc!
  6. The 950 in Europ is only an A4 printer - very nice with the capability of printing direct to suitable CD media and automatically cuts your roll prints itself. Quite expensive for an A4 printer though - depends if you can use the additional features although most people also have a CD label applicator, etc. I have just got the 1290 A3 printer which is fabulous - 6 inks , borderless printing, accepts roll paper as well. The prints I have produced so far have been excellent - just need to work slightly on the colour matching between printer and monitor.
  7. that explains why it isnt quite as wide as I thought it was. Thanks for explaining that. Managed to get mine discounted and tax-free - still good value at 220.
  8. It was Sea & Sea Wide Angle conversion lens, specifically sold for the Pt10 housing and not the MM2EX lens that you need to use an adaptor with (you have to zoom out to use this lens and get a narrower field of view than the camera on its own!). Check out www.camerasunderwater.co.uk for more info. I don't know anything about the Inon lenses but they look good and will function well - others have reported success with them. Dave
  9. It is certainly good for macro - however I have bought add-on lens for both macro and WA. I seem to use more WAshots than any other -just prefer having a 16mm WAL on the housing -almost permanently. Adds a bit of weight (makes it better buyoyancy wise and costs about £160 - well worth it). Not as wide angle or as good at macro as the N5000 is purported to be, but a not far off and a lot cheaper.HTH Dave
  10. From what I have seen and heard, it is very similiar. the 4040 has a F1.8 lens and I prefer the design as opposed to the clamshell on/off switch of the C40. The PT10 housing although rated to 30M has performed admirably at 40m + for me. My opinion is you would be better with the 4040 and the PT10 housing.
  11. Here are a few pics sthat I have posted that were taken during a 5 week military expedition to dive around the island of St Helena. The images are ones that I particularly liked - hope you do too. Oly 4040, PT10, YS90DX, WAL Dave http://briefcase.yahoo.com/davemakcy
  12. Thanks Allan - I can se now that the forced flash option isnt available whn shooting manual - which is what I was doing for the majority of the time. Must be more practice :-)
  13. Slow 1 is what I ended up using - wasn't overly happy with the exposure results, found it a huge faff. Maybe its just me and that is what the right setting actually is. ta.
  14. I am experiencing an annoying problem with the above camera and a S&S YS90 DX strobe. I am trying to get the camera to flash, however when I press the flash button I only get the options of off, red-eye reduction or slow1. I corresponded with Sharpdiver about this but cannot find the answer - there appears to be no forced flash setting that I can find. Anybody help? - please??
  15. I'm going to stick up for the Olympus system. Cheap(ish) - camera £500; PT10 housing £220 Housing rated for 30m, been 45m without a problem (and long may it stay that way). Clear housing - see any problems, view the camera, allows use of digital strobes. Smartmedia - 128MB max size - still get 130 HQ pics, 45 SHQ. Change between dives. Batteries last long enough for 2 dives (I turn the LCD off when not using it). WA/Macro lenses available - no need for strobe immediately if you want to use the internal strobe facility. I agree - D60, UK housing - very nice. I personally don't want to be tied to having lens inside the housing. Might as well have film SLR in housing. CP 5000 - looks great, might have bought it if cheaper, with housing. Not sure that its benefits over the Oly are worth the extra cost. Again, only a personal opinion. I am very happy with my setup, as others are with theirs. Pay your money and take your choice - however all the setups seem to give perfectly adequate results. Dave $0.02 worth
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