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  1. Wow! The shrimp on the second batch is awesome! May I ask where you saw it and if you have an ID on it? I would love to see one like that.
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Justin and I have been diving for a few years and just started taking photos underwater. I am currently shooting with a SeaLife DC1200 but having some trouble getting the most out of it. I spent this summer as a biology research assistant in Wakitobi, and had a blast taking photos in the reefs when we had chances to do non-science dives. I also own a Nikon D90 which I use out of water, but don't yet have the money to buy a housing and strobes for it. Any recommendations as to what company's housing to buy, and what store to buy it from? I would now be able to survive my dSLR flooding! -Justin
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