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  1. I was responding to the above post about needing a certain number of posts before you could message someone to buy an item.
  2. And this post makes an even 20 for me lol. Kidding aside I like the idea of a minimum post count but I am not sure what a good number would be. I have been a member here since 2007 and only have 20 posts. I am usually a pretty quiet guy in all areas of my life so I tend to not post much. Lately I may average 5 or 10 posts a year on my own Facebook page. I'm not sure I agree with a minimum post count to respond to an ad. I believe there is at least a small number of people who come here to get started and one of the first things they may do after reading all about which system is right for them (cough, cough Canon dslr cough) they would likely try to purchase something. I also think the purchaser assumes more risk than the seller since they will likely send payment and wait for delivery. Just my quick thoughts fwiw.
  3. Just a quick add to this. I was just reading the release notes for the D850 housing and it says you can remove the drylock system and install the old locks. They say you can't switch back and forth but the option is there for someone with a large portion collection and no need for the wider opening of the dry lock system.
  4. I just looked and they have discontinued the 5d four lock housing as well. When I saw the release of the new dry lock system I knew the days were numbered for the old system. I understand all of the benefits of the new system and if they did not go forward with it they would have lost out. Today’s lenses are getting big as we are demanding better quality glass and those just don’t fit the smaller diameter of the old system. The bummer for us Ikelite fans is now the need to replace our ports with the next housing purchase. For me that would still be far less expensive than buying an aluminum housing and the ports and zoom rings to go with it. But as I just set myself up with a 5d3 I won’t be purchasing another housing for some time.
  5. So, anybody have a Canon 5D mark III body collecting dust that they want to off load? Been watching eBay and it seems the going price is around 1550 to 1650 but I really am holding out for someone that wants to make a deal. I made a mistake and let my girl friend use mine for a while and now I must find her one so I can use mine again. Thanks!
  6. I just bought the housing off of eBay knowing that it did not function but the seller did not know why. I feel like I got it for a reasonable price in that condition. Upon inspection it appears that the housing likely flooded and the electronics including the manual strobe controls and hotshoe connection have heavy corrosion. No chance to salvage any of it. So before i send it to Ikelite for repair ($300) I thought I would throw it out there in case anyone had a damaged housing or something with a good set of electronics. I know it is a long shot but you never know unless you ask.
  7. The 80D being a crop sensor camera makes your 18 effectively a 28mm. Not going to give you the results you are looking for. I have been shooting a 7D in an Ikelite housing for a few years now. I use the 8 inch dome with both the Tokina 11-16 and 10-17. A quick look at images around here will prove that the 10-17 fisheye is the winner by a landslide for crop sensor cameras. I have even used it on my 5D. For big animals like whales you will want the fisheye. I have not used either of my wide lenses with a 6 inch but it will work. I like the option of getting split shots with the 8 inch. It is a bit more to push through the water though. As a side note, if you are new to using an under water housing I would suggest reading the manual many times over and practicing putting the housing together several times. I would also suggest stuffing it with paper towels and taking it in the pool or such before you ever put your camera in there so you are sure you have no leaks. Good luck with the whales when you go, it is on my short list of things to do!
  8. Looking to see if anyone has an extra TTL circuit for an Ikelite 6871.03 housing. I realize this is a long shot but thought I would try before I sent the housing in to let them do it. Thanks for looking
  9. I know that it is much easier to sell all at once but like the above replies, if you decide to split it up i would be interested in the excitation and yellow filters. Let me know, Thanks
  10. Thanks for the input. I guess I am a little like Tim thinking Adobe will screw with it.
  11. I did a search and only found a thread from 2013. I am thinking of going with the $10 subscription for PS and LR. I am currently processing my raw files with Canon photo pro. I have never used either of the Adobe products but I believe they will offer a lot more for me. The $10 price seems reasonable compared to the cost of a one time license. The question is what do folks think about the subscription? Worth it, or not?
  12. I do believe that in my case it is the thin silver trim ring around the end of the lens.
  13. I am not using the camera flash (not possible in Ike SLR housings) And I have seen this both with and without strobes.
  14. I just got back from Cayman and saw the same rings in some of my photos. They were shallow shots with no strobe usage. I was shooting a Tokina 10-16 in an 8" ike dome. My best guess for mine is the silver accent ring around the end of the lens. But it didn't occur to me that it could be the backing plate for the dome. I will have to check that too now.
  15. If you haven't seen it, check out Aeris BC, I think it is called the Jet Pack. I was considering it but went with the Zeagle covert since I live down the street from them and love their stuff.
  16. I was not able to edit my original post but I have ordered the housing from Ikelite. Thanks to all that looked. Kevin
  17. I was reading your oringinal post again. You must view the RAW images with a program that can work with them. Windows explorer will not display RAW images until you do whatever postprocessing you want and process the RAW file. Sorry for not getting it all in one reply.
  18. I have a Rebel XT (350D) and I have done some RAW shooting with it. I use a card reader to transfer the files and view/ manipulate them with with Digital Photo Professional which comes on the Canon driver disk. I have heard that the Canon .CR2 RAW files are not recognized by all the different software. I think there is a plug-in required for Photoshop. Give that a try and see what happens.
  19. I know I am new to this forum so I don't want to step on any toes. I spent some time as a public safety diver being on the end of a line in cold zero viz water. So yes I have spent time solo diving. Fast forward to a dive in Key Largo recently on the Speigal Grove. There were about 8 of us on the wreck. When it was time to surface and everyone was low on air one of our group swam to the wrong bouy line and none of us had enough air to swim through the current and get him. He ended up at the surface in a strong current holding on to the bouy while everyone came back on board and we could motor over to get him. In this case even with many "buddies" he still got into trouble. Most dives I do today I see the people spread out so much that even if you did have an emergency you couldn't get anyones attention in time to help. So as far as I have seen most divers today are "solo" diving even if there is someone in the water with them. The buddy system will only work if you are about an arms length from your buddy. With all that said I don't go out on the water by myself, I always go with other people even though I don't stay with them underwater. And from my PSD days I always have and alternate air source if I am going deeper than I can comfortably do a swimming ascent. On another note like I said I am new to the forum and kudos to all. I have found some great info here.
  20. Looking to see if anyone wants to part with one. If I don't hear anything in the next week I will be ordering one. Thanks, Kevin
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