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  1. Well, we are planning on shooting from the hip, so to speak. I work for a security consulting firm, which means I go where they tell me to, and when they tell me to. In the two weeks of being in Indonesia, I will probably end up with about 4 or 5 days that I could dive. It's really hard to plan anything ahead of time because these trips are always getting cancelled, shortened, postponed and just all together messed up. Really frustrating sometimes but hey, I'm not paying for it, so I'm not going to complain. Anyone have any suggestions on land based diving while I am there? From the phone call I just received, it doesn't look like my wife is going to get to go on this one so I will have free reign to do whatever I want to, diving wise that is. Billy
  2. I ordered one of the Ikelite HV20 housings from Marine Visions for my wife. Unfortunately we wont get it until after our trip. We are leaving for two weeks in Indonesia tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will be able to post a review of the HV20 housing (if we get a chance to dive it when we get home) and the Gates FX7 housing shortly after returning. Billy
  3. I have decided on the Gates for the V1, after getting the camera as a gift from my wife. There's always a catch...She has the little Canon HV20 to use for fun and decided she wanted to be able to shoot video with me. Marine Visions is taking orders for the Ikelite housing for the HV20, so we went ahead and ordered one. They aren't shipping for a couple weeks, so she'll just have to wait till the next trip to use hers. Billy
  4. Well, although budget isnt a major constraint. I definitely can't see me buying two sets of video lights. I am going to see if I can find a place to make me some diffusers. I am pretty sure I am going to go with one of these also Gates Tripod That way I wont have to pass out dramamine to all my friends. Thanks for everyones help!
  5. I believe I am going to go with the Green Force lights, but of course, I have another question. I want to be able to do macro stuff also. Is there a way to diffuse/soften the light beams so they would work for macro also or do I not need to worry about that? Thanks for everyones comments so far. It's amazing that I have been able to answer most of my questions just by browsing through the posts on this site. Billy W.
  6. Well, After lingering in these forums for quite some time (great forum by the way), I have decided to upgrade to a new Gates housing for my Sony HDR-FX7. To say that I am an amateur would be an understatement, but my wife bought me the camera for my birthday so I figured what the heck. My big hang up now are lights. I have read quite a few of the posts regarding lights but none of them seem to be specific to this housing. I am trying to decide between the Niterider Pro 40 and Green Force 250 set ups. Does anyone have much experience with either of these and is there possibly someone that has already bought this housing and are using either of these lights. Joe at Marine Visions has been really helpful so far, but I wanted to get more than one persons opinion. It's a heck of a lot of money so I want to make sure I am going to be happy with it. Also, if I get the Green Force 250 video lights, Joe has given me the choice of one large Pelican case or two smaller ones. In terms of travelling which would be better? Any help would be great. Billy W.
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