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  1. for sale (located in Canada) Aquatica housing for Canon 1Dx Mark II Nauticam Housing for Canon 1Dx Mark I Canon 1Dx Mark II, with spare battery Canon EF 14mm f2.8L II USM Canon EF 24mm f1.4L II USM Canon EF 70-200 f2.8L III USM PM if interested!
  2. Nauticam Housing for 1Dx for sale. Used only in Freshwater. Scratched at bottom otherwise in perfect working order. Will fit Canon 1Dx and will also fit Canon 1Dx Mark 2, but on the new camera video function can not be accessed. Will sell for any fair offer. Located in Montreal, Canada.
  3. you want to connect an external monitor with the HDMI? Let me know, i will ask Aquatica this week, it is only 15 min from here, so i can ask them.
  4. Pictures, let me know if these will do or if you want them larger. I have not tried to connect an HDMI, so i am not sure, Aquatica should know. Certainly there is some space in the housing. as a note: Canon 1Dx does not fit - which is why i am selling it.
  5. that was not intended, just seems the pix at the Aquatica site are more accurate than me taking them. Since the housing looks exactly like that it would be the best way, since it has measurements and all details for the outlets. Except this housing has an extra port for the remote (Nikonos adapter). Will post pictures of the actual housing later today.
  6. here is the housing on the manufacturer's website, it has all details:http://aquatica.ca/en/products_dslr_1ds_mark_iii.html if you want pictures of my housing please send a mail and i will email them.
  7. Good condition, used in freshwater, has extra port for remote etc $2700
  8. For sale: 2x Canon 1Ds Mark III, $3500, very good condition 1x Canon 7D, $1200 excellent condition. 1x Aquatica Housing for 7D, $2500, excellent condition 1x Canon EF 65mm F2.8 MP-E Super Macro, $750, excellent condition 1x Canon MT14EX Macro Ring Flash, $350, Excellent condition 1x Canon Mt 24EX Macro Flash, $550, excellent condition 1x Canon Off camera show cord, $30, excellent condition 1x Sony HDR HC7 video camera with SPKHCC housing (modified to be neutrally buoyant), $500, excellent condition 1x Sony Nex 5, camera with extra battery, charger etc, $300, excellent condition Based in Montreal, Canada check me out on Ebay: "belowwater"
  9. located and FOB Montreal, Canada Canon EOS 1Ds III, very few cycles (back up camera) $4,500.00 Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L IS $1,100.00 Canon EF 100mm F2.8 USM Macro $350.00 Canon EF 85mm F1.2 L $1,200.00 Canon EF 65mm F2.8 MP-E Macro $900.00 Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8 L $800.00 Canon Macro Ring Lite MR 14EX $400.00 Canon Macro Ring Lite MT 24EX $650.00 Canon Flash 580EX $300.00 Canon Off camera cord for flash $30.00 PM, or email if you have questions
  10. 1x Sony HDR HC7, mint condition, all papers, cables, original packaging etc 3x extra Battery Sony NP-FH70 5x new unopened Sony MINI DV HD tapes 2x new unopened Sony MINI DVC tapes 1x Sony HVL -HIRL IR Light 1x Sony VCL HG0737Y 1x SONY SPK HCC Housing, all sleds and papers etc 1x SPECIAL SLED made from SOLID COPPER to Make housing NEUTRALLY BUOYANT Best OFFER, Email for pictures
  11. SOLD Thank you. Used these for one job only. Bought from Dolphin on 16 AUG for $1157.00 sell for $750, firm, FOB Montreal
  12. 2x Ikelite DS125 Strobes, charger, diffuser. $800 for the 2. Less than 100 dives with them. not listed, but check me out on ebay: belowwater
  13. Thank you for the reply. I thought I was mistaken when I looked up the Sony sight. Yes, Sony calls it a "Sports Housing", so technically it is not meant for diving, but i have had no problems with the housings (I have had an older model down to 14 meters), but most of my diving is made in rivers that are not very clear and not that deep, or have no visibility at 10 meters or deeper....
  14. RE: Depth Sony says 5 m/17 ft: http://www.sony.co.uk/product/cac-sports-p...geType=Overview I have had the housing deeper (in freshwater, it has never been in salt water), at up to 8 meters, without apparent problems. RE: Housing/Camera seperately I can sell housing and camera separate, just email me. I do have one person that i am waiting for, but he should be letting me know by Monday.
  15. Includes: 1 Sony HDR HC7 Video Camera with all accessories, cables etc (used sparingly) 1 Sony SPK HCC Housing with all accessories 1 Sony HVL HIRL Video IR Light 1 Sony VCL HGO0737Y Wide Angel Conversion Lens x0.7 7 blank tapes (HD) 3 spare batteries all original boxes and packaging Most Important: the problem with the Sony Housings is their buoyancy, so i have modified the sled (the cheap bit of plastic that the camera is mounted on before it is slid into the housing) and made one out of solid copper. This piece of copper is very heavy and nicely counterbalances the amount of air in the housing. Included in the deal, as are all the original "sleds" for various models that come with the housing. I simply prefer stills and i can not swim with the SLR housing and this.... Camera details at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-HDR-HC7-Definit...0758&sr=8-1 any reasonable offer accepted. FOB Montreal
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