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  1. If still looking, I have an Isotta housing (used 1 year) with port for a 60mm macro (never used).  Would require a 25mm extension to use with a 105 macro.  I would throw in a 6.5" acrylic dome port as it has internal scratches (don't show, but I stopped using it and bought another).  It would at least allow you to experiment with WA before deciding on a long-term port.  I do have a pair of Ike DS160 strobes with Ike fiber optic adapters (no arms and no cords as I still use them).  Let me know if remotely interested and I'll work up a price.


  2. (2) Ikelite DS160 strobes w/batteries, chargers, diffusers - $400 each


    4103.51 Single TTL Strobe Cord - $60


    4103.52 Dual TTL Strobe Cord - $80


    (2) 4401.1 Fiber Optic Connector, 2nd Gen - $60 each


    4302.3 TTL Converter - Nikonos to Ike - $150


    AF-35 Strobe w/Dual Tray - $125


    Plus shipping. Willing to work out package deal.

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  3. Last June, I purchased an Isotta housing for my D500. I got their standard 60 macro port and a 6.5" dome port plus enough adapters to manage 60, 105, 10.5, 8-15, and 16-85 lenses. My first trial with the housing was at BHB for a week in June. One of the things I noticed right away was that I could not see critical focus through the viewfinder. With macro, I typically get focus close, then move in/out to achieve critical focus on the plane of choice. Couldn't do it. I relied on single point focus and putting the spot where I wanted it. Got results, but really did not like not being able to "see." I tried several things, but nothing improved.


    I discussed back and forth with Backscatter over the following months - even sent the housing back so they could see the problem. Of course, everything looked fine to them. They lent an Inon 45º finder for a Sea of Cortez trip in September, which worked great - crystal clear focus. During the trip, I had several other photographers try the rig with Isotta's viewfinder. Several could focus just fine, others could not. The difference - bifocals. Those with long-arm disease could not focus; those with younger eyes could.


    Has anyone else seen this problem with SLR housing viewfinders? My thought at this point is that the Isotta housing creates an apparent image within my "need bifocal" range. I tried focusing through bifocals and have to say that didn't work out so well either. The only dSLR housings that I've used to date have been Ikelite and never had this issue (I still have my D610/Ike housing).


    Backscatter is throwing in the towel. They've not heard feedback from anyone else with a problem, so it must just be me... Right now, their solution is for me to buy the Inon finder. It was nice, don't get me wrong, just don't think I should be forced into that purchase.



  4. I have an Ike D90 housing. Been reluctant to sell as I'm still proving out a D600. Do you know what port(s) you'll want to use. I currently use the modular port system and transferred everything to the D600 housing. I do have quite a few of the traditional ports available as I've been using Ike housings for several decades.


    Housing is one of the first D90 housings Ike produced, but has been back to Ike twice. Had it updated with the 4 port clamps and the aluminum shoe. Then sent back and had the electronics replaced. At the same time they serviced all glands.


    It would come with the older style base bracket. I can include 1" ball adapters if that is the way you intend to go.


    Let me know if interested



  5. I have an Ikelite SLR housing and D70 body that I'm considering selling. Could also include a lens and port package based on your interests and available funds ;-). Haven't given it a whole lot of thought, but need to know more about what you are looking for. I also have 2 Ike Ai strobes. Just used this whole set-up for the first time in early December and after a couple of dives and some coaching, got some great results. As this was my first trip with a digital SLR (after 30+ years shooting film SLRs UW), I have definitely got the digital bug...

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