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  1. It is happening also in my Epoque WAL, not so big but some.
  2. How long my PT10 will last with only the basic maintenance of change the main O ring each year? Can we do something else than the O ring change? How can I detect, previously any flooding, that a new housing is necessary? My current has 18 month and more or less 60 dives with always fresh water 30 minutes after the dive. In my dive conditions is not possible to clean it before (too many people in a zodiac boat ) Thanks
  3. Unscrewing my WAL from the housing, suddenly the lens ring of my PT10 starts to unscrewing together. Thanks God, nothing "else" happens. After the dive I remove the lens port from the housing, I cleaned both sides and the Housing side and I screwed it again. Should I take any other care? Is necessary to apply any type of "glue"? Please, let me know. PD: DO NOT SCREW THE WAL VERY TIGH OVER YOUR PT10.
  4. Hi all. I Have a PT10 fotr my 4040 And I´m quite happy with it, but, i will be more comfortable with a housing with more deep performances like the IKELITE 6130.1 THE QUESTION IS, why, if in the Ikelite catalog is anounced as a 600 USD, is imposible to find it in Spain for less than 1000 USD? and I think that is the same in all the Europe. Who can recomend me a good web shop to buy it (as good as Underwaterdigital) Thanks Luis
  5. Is the PT10 also valid for the new Oly C4000? Luis
  6. I forgot to say that this is for a PT 10 and a 4040
  7. Who knows the Epoque 150 strobe? may you tell me your experience. I dont like very much the arm thar epoque is ofering. http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/web_sit...esets/epok.html Who knows to do a very easy and cheap arm for the strobe. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all. I want to buy a Wide angle lent (Sea&sea, Epoque 20, or the new Olympus) and a Strobe (Epoque 150, Sea&sea 25DX or 90DX) all for my Olympus 4040 and PT 10. I live in Spain and not all the products are available here (only the EPOQUE range) and are quite expensive, more than the ones that I'm seeing in Internet. I have an opportunity in USA and my question is : Please, may some of you inform me where, in Philadelphia/Pennsylvania, can I find these products at good price? Thanks in advance. Luis G V
  9. Hi all. Checking all the mails regarding this topic (lighting) the decision is not clear. who can help me with the decision? I have a PT10 & Oly 4040 and I want to add an extra lighting, my question is: Continous or flash? If flash, is the Epoque 150 good enought, the money is important. is necesary to mask the flash window in the PT10? If the answer is yes, how, and how the slave is going to be activate. Is posible to do it with a fibre optic, how? can we say that the S&sea DX 90 (more than doble price) is the definitive solution? I read some thing regarding problems of overexposed due the camera don´t know anything about the extra lighting from the slave. Can some one provide us with the manual to avoid this problem with tips like "reduce the power, or set the camera in manual and...) Thanks in advance Rgs Luis
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