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  1. Thanks guys....I just got a gh5 today for a great price. I've been waiting for GH6 ..... but there's no need for it right now ....
  2. If anyone is selling housing for GH5...something.... Thanks
  3. Hello everyone. I am selling a very little used Nikon d800 camera with a brand new unused underwater Ikelite case selling the next items: 1. Brand new Ikelite housing for Nikon d800 Ikelite 2.Very little used precision dome port for fisheye lens 3.Nikon d800 housing Very little used - shutter count 38498 4.Sigma Fisheye 15mm f2.8 Autofocus lens 5.Charger and one original battery The equipment is located in Croatia, Europe. I prefer sales within the European Community Price 2350 EUR accepting PayPal, buyer pays PayPal fees 3%
  4. Hi. I have Aquatica for d7000 ?! Best M
  5. WTB: Nauticam - BMPCC 4K or some other underwater housing for BMPCC 4K. Thanks
  6. WTB:Aquatica Water Wizard Offer please at PM Best
  7. Hi all. I need Ikelite 5510.11 and 5510.24. Prefere shipping from Europe. Best Marjan
  8. Hi all. I wanna buy AQUATICA Water Wizard. Please send me PM. Best Marjan
  9. WTB: Aquatica 8" Dome Port, new or used one. Offer please
  10. Sale Aquatica AD7000 housing for the Nikon D7000. The possibility of buying the camera body. The price of housing is 1400 EUR. The reason for the sale, the benefits of full frame Nikon D3 i Nikon D800 below the line LOCATION:Europe, Croatia
  11. At this link you can see a short documentary about Goran Colak-in. Čolak is currently AIDA's most successful male athlete from AIDA World Championships with six gold medals and one silver medal. Čolak broke more than 30 domestic CMAS and AIDA records, won Croatian DYN championship seven times in the row (2007-2013), and he was nominated for Croatian athlete of the year in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. Čolak won the Dubai Range Rover challenge for two consecutive years, (2011–2012) and came second in 2013. Short film was filmed before and during the conquest of the Guinness World Record's. Goran is within the "A VIEW INTO THE BLUE" which I created 6 years ago took off his own world record in retaining the breath and 23min 01sek.
  12. Thanks Julian. I have the same position, but nop I tried everything, I tore off part of the cable and replaced with a new one. The camera triggers the flash through a cable, but over the port does not want to. Too small for the amount of light
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