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  1. I have a D70s in Subal housing with flat port and 8 inch dome. I only go diving every couple of years at the moment as I have a young family and not much spare cash. I also have a D7000 which would be much nicer to use underwater. What are my options do you think? I'm happy to sell the D70s and housing if I thought I could get something to house my D7000 for not much more additional cost. I'm guessing I'm really going to have to stick with what I've got but would be interested to hear any options that I haven't thought of just in case...
  2. Hi, I'm probably not going to get to go diving this year - but was wanting to get some shots of my kids in the pool this summer on my holidays. I want some nice split shots of them, but am a little unsure about using a diopter. I'll be using a D70s in a subal housing, with 8 inch dome. Normally I'd rent a 14-22 to use with this (with a +4 diopter) - but can't really afford it this time round so was thinking of using my 18-200 in there instead. Any ideas if this would work - and whether I would need to use my a diopter for half and half shots? I'm not after competition winners - just a decent snap of the kids in the pool - so corner sharpness etc is not too much of a consideration. Thanks
  3. Should have said - Kelowna, BC. I wouldn't feel able to get them to go to a bricks and motar store btw - needs to be delivered....
  4. I have a friend visiting me in the UK from Canada in a few weeks. As I'm in the market for a D7000 (body only) I thought I might see about getting them to bring one over at Canadian prices. I have no idea where to look at buying from (amazon.ca don't seem to stock the body only). Anybody got any suggestions as to where I should buy it from?
  5. That seems crazy to me. Firstly if everybody else paid the same a you - that would mean a $570 tip per crew member per week. $25k a year in tips alone for somebody working a 44 week year. Secondly - basing the tip on the package cost is a little odd. People who travel a long way should tip the staff more? Do they get a better quality of service too. But then I'm English and think that a $150 tip for a week's diving is more than generous.
  6. A Short lived victory at best i fear. I suspect the Russans don't piss about when they declare war on sharks. http://rt.com/news/prime-time/season-autho...-shark-657-779/
  7. What's with the Air Sea Rescue? I was expecting it to be mentioned in the 'story' link - but nothing......
  8. Deciding to buy a camera based on the memory format is like deciding which computer to buy based on their power cords. (Unless you already have a large investment in one type of storage card - but even then you can buy a silly amount of storage for the price of a coupe of beers). Make you decision based on any other factor and just go with the flow of the memory cards would be my advice.
  9. Hawkfish are fun - you only get one shot with strobes on so it's a game of chicken. Get as close as you dare before you take your shot - if you get too close then run off before you get to fire of any shot. I guess a longer lens might help but I enjoy the sport.
  10. Is it possible to upload your pictures without an intermediate laptop etc?
  11. Just back from egypt. A fairly standard set of pictures which can be viewed here - nothing that hasn't been done 100 times before and 100 times better but pretty good for me. But this picture amused me when sorting through my shots. Looks like I found Nemo. This little chap has Nemo's shortened fin (I think they refer to it as his 'lucky fin' in the film). Found Nemo by wizbowes, on Flickr
  12. Looks good. I may be prepared to give it a whirl but I need to top up my itunes credit first.
  13. Just got back from a trip deep south last Friday. Our dive guides said the water is around 2 degrees cooler than normal at the moment. Most people on the boat were in 5mm, I managed on a 3mm shortie for most of the week before admitting defeat on the last day and doning my 5mm. Actual temps were 26 - 27 in the south, and 25 - 26 in the north (north in this case being around Marsa Alam). Hope that helps.
  14. Hmm - a global dive site database might have to be something I look into then. Thanks very much for the info. We're going on the Blue Melody leaving on the 6th May. I normally don't feel the coold too badly (my wife is another story) but having just lost nearly 40 pounds in weight since the start of the year it will be interesting to see if I get cold quicker. Thanks for the hood info - will make sure we pack them.
  15. I'm trying to find out the water temp for a Egyptian deep south live-aboard in the 2nd week of May. It's very hard to find any water temp information via Google - is there nowhere that has a database of historical water temps by dive site? Failing anybody being able to give me a global database - any idea what suit(s) I should be packing for my trip? I'm thinking 5mm long but wishing for a 3mm shortie. Probably end up taking both I suppose.
  16. are they all accounted for or are there some spare?
  17. I won an iPad2 the other day. Not an apple fan really but so far I really like it. I've just heard that Adobe are looking at putting some more 'proper' form of Photoshop out for it at some point (http://www.geekosystem.com/ipad-photoshop-demo/). If it had camera raw it could mean that I no longer took a laptop on trips with me.... (just noticed the link I added was posted on the 1st April. But as it was posted after 12pm I'm going to assume it's true)
  18. Many thanks for the suggestions. I tried at few at the London dive show this weekend, and ended up with the Hollis. Still a little snug but it seems ok and looks nice to boot. As for the full face mask, i've always fancied a go with one - maybe when I get that big lottery win.....
  19. Thanks Gina, I'll see if they have any at the London dive show this year.....
  20. I have quite a large nose. Most dive masks put pressure on the bridge of my nose which becomes pretty painful during a dive. I've always dived with a crappy no-name mask as it's about the only one I've found that has ample space for my nose - but it leaks quite a bit. I've been out of the market for quite a while so was wondering if there were any new masks I should look at for comfort and seal. Do they make a Cressi Big-Nose yet? If John Bantin happens to read this - I think this would make for a good magazine article - the best masks for people who have non-standard faces (big noses, narrow faces, pronounced creases, mustaches etc). I would happily volunteer to try a load of masks out on behalf of the big nosed.
  21. I think it's about both artist talent and application. I know I'd never make it as be a pro as even if my application improved (as it will with practice) I don't have the vision of say an Alex Mustard or a Keri Wilk. My best hope is to recreate some of their shots someday - but their ability to constantly produce something new sets them apart IMHO. Sure a lot of it is about application - but lots of it is also about the artistic vision.
  22. Ahhh - bliss. thank you so much - I can read again now!
  23. For some reason every thread I read I can see the first post, and then have a list of the thread beneath that and have to click on each reply to read it. I just want the whole thread on one page. I've searched all the settings but can't find any way to switch this over. I've cleared my wetpixel cookies too. What am I missing here? Please help me stop it as it's the most useless way to read a forum ever!
  24. Hmm - thanks. £450 is hard to resist. I;m a Yorkshire man through and through!
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