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  1. I recently went to Lembeh Straits. This trip I decided to try my hand at videoing instead of photographing. I purchased a tripod and got some advice on how to shoot macro. This is my first go around with UW videography through the DSLR. This footage was shot with a Canon 5DMIV. Here is a link to my video:
  2. I am selling a practically new Sola 2500 Lumen light for $225 plus shipping. I used this on my recent trip to Lembeh and do not have a use for it now. Include are the following: Bag Light Wrist Strap Mounting Kit This light retails for $299 plus $20 for the ball mount unit. I accept Paypal and can ship. Buyer pays shipping.
  3. Thanks..that is why I stopped using the guy who lead the trips to Africa. After 2x I was like wtf am I paying for here. You aren't giving me any insight . I just arranged with the camp to get my own pricing. Do you have any suggestions on which ones to use?
  4. I would like to hear people's honest opinion about workshops. I used to use this guy who would lead trips to Africa. I found it pretty much useless. There was no teaching or anything it just seemed I was paying for him to be able to go to Africa. Would love to hear other's opinions on these workshops I see advertise. Sometimes it seems to me that you are just paying for that person to be able to go on the trip.
  5. Very nice work. The next time I go back there I hope to learn more or have improved. What gear are you using?
  6. I shot my last trip to Lembeh on video. My question, is video length? There are just so many clips lol.
  7. I just this had this done by Backscatter. They converted by 5DM3 to a 5DM4 housing. They did have some problems getting things to line up properly.
  8. This spring I went to the Bahamas aboard Dolphin Dive. We dove off of Tiger Beach. We spent 8 days there!! Had a great trip. Here are some pics from the trip: Here is a link to the rest of the pics: https://www.seansydnorphotography.com/p606434102
  9. I recently purchased a Sea and Sea Housing. I see there are two different viewfinders offered by Sea and Sea. Any recommendations between the two?
  10. When I stayed at Lembeh Resort the last time I had a diopter mount that holds 2 diopters. I have switched housings and now would like to find one again that I can have two diopters on the macro port. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing here in the US?
  11. I will be going on a Shark Trip in March of next year and was thinking of shooting some video with my Canon 5Dm4. I never really shot much video with DSLR and would appreciate some advice. I also have some questions. Would I need to use a red filter? What shutter speed would should be used? I will be using a 8-15mm Fisheye lens. Do I need to white balance all the time? Just a few questions. Are there any good videos to watch about shooting video UW?
  12. So you are basically looking for free content for your magazine. This is why no one can make money in photography anymore. Everyone wants something for free!!
  13. I use a 5DM3. The first pic the settings were :F10 1/100 at ISO 800; Pic 2 was same with ISO going to 1000; Pic 3 Same Settings as #2; and Pic 4 was same as 2 and 3. I hope this helps.
  14. Went out on Saturday, on the dive boat Magician to Farnsworth Banks. The ride out was not to bad. We were able to anchor on the 65' pinnacle. On the surface we were in a trough. I knew the conditions were not going to be great in the water. Once I jumped in and got to the anchor line, I knew it was not going to be a spectacular dive. The viz was about 10-15 feet and there was a lot of surge at 65'. Here are a few pics from the trip to Farnsworth: [/u
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