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  1. Hi Tim, I have send you a PM.
  2. I have a 45 degree Subal viewfinder for sale. Based in Cape Town.
  3. I have two used Inon Z240 - both in perfect working condition and never been flooded. Selling for US 1000-00 plus shipping.
  4. Is it a dual Sea & Sea 5 pin synch cord you have?
  5. Looking to buy a the above item second hand. Please PM if you have one for sale.
  6. Hi, PM send. Only saw your add after replying on my post. So some of my questions had been answered now Hi, PM send. Only saw your add after replying on my post. So some of my questions had been answered now
  7. Please PM me if you are thinking of selling your YS250 strobes. I am looking for two of these strobes in a great condition. Best regards Geo
  8. Hi Pete Just would like to double check, is it 128 or 129 for the Christo-lube. I am not finding info on 128. Thanks Geo
  9. Hi I was hoping to build up a flat port for the above lens using a port base, extension rings and front end. However, tonight I test a port like this owned by a friend who shoots Canon...I strongly doubt that the port base for the Nikon and Canon housings would differ, but just in case I included that detail. Anyway what I learned was that the port base steps in, on the inside which makes it not possible for the lens to past through. Is the dedicated port my only solution or is there another option? Thanks Geo
  10. Hi Can anybody advice me on what silicone grease can be used with the Seatool housings. I have a opaque main o-ring and a black o-ring at the front behind the port. Thank you Geo P.S. I obviously looking for a silicone other than their branded product as I think its ridiculously priced.
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