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  1. I have two used Inon Z240 - both in perfect working condition and never been flooded. Selling for US 1000-00 plus shipping.
  2. Is it a dual Sea & Sea 5 pin synch cord you have?
  3. Looking to buy a the above item second hand. Please PM if you have one for sale.
  4. Hi, PM send. Only saw your add after replying on my post. So some of my questions had been answered now Hi, PM send. Only saw your add after replying on my post. So some of my questions had been answered now
  5. Please PM me if you are thinking of selling your YS250 strobes. I am looking for two of these strobes in a great condition. Best regards Geo
  6. Hi Pete Just would like to double check, is it 128 or 129 for the Christo-lube. I am not finding info on 128. Thanks Geo
  7. Hi I was hoping to build up a flat port for the above lens using a port base, extension rings and front end. However, tonight I test a port like this owned by a friend who shoots Canon...I strongly doubt that the port base for the Nikon and Canon housings would differ, but just in case I included that detail. Anyway what I learned was that the port base steps in, on the inside which makes it not possible for the lens to past through. Is the dedicated port my only solution or is there another option? Thanks Geo
  8. Hi Can anybody advice me on what silicone grease can be used with the Seatool housings. I have a opaque main o-ring and a black o-ring at the front behind the port. Thank you Geo P.S. I obviously looking for a silicone other than their branded product as I think its ridiculously priced.
  9. Hi I am looking for a Seatool port to house a Nikon 105 VR lens. Ideally I would prefer to have the port build up from the port base, 35mm extension ring and front port lens, rather than the dedicated port. Thanks Geo
  10. This is not a statement, but a question as I haven't used FX uw yet. Why is it felt that DX is even better than FX for wide angle uw. Is it not easier to get more of big subjects into the frame with FX? Thanks Geo
  11. Nice work grech! Wow the Atlantic long armed octopus looks like a great subject to photograph!
  12. I am looking for pointers on how to use the search function effectively. Say for example I am looking for information on the Nikkor 60mm lens, what should I type in to get the most relevant feedback list? Thanks Geo
  13. Stunning! First one is my favourite.
  14. I am proud to announce that I received the first place and third places in the underwater category of the above competition. To view the categories and photos follow the link below: http://competitions.fujifilm.co.za/?page_id=7
  15. Love that last one you posted Jeff as you posted it. If I were to crop it, I would crop the person rather than the reflection.
  16. Hi Adam, I will mail you. Thank you for the feedback and also for Ikelite for posting the prize. Pity the postal system didn't succeed in doing their job.
  17. Adam thank for taking care of this! Much appreciated! Looking forward to your feedback. Alex, glad to hear the system is working and that mine is the exception rather than the rule.
  18. Hi Its approaching almost a year since I won one of these competitions and to date I haven't received my prices nor received no correspondence to arrange delivery. Is it just me being unlucky or others having the same experience? Regards Geo
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