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  1. Shameless plug, but I kind of like my own site! Click on the link below, or offer forum abuse for shameless plugging!
  2. I'm looking at kitting out another D200 - full package of dome ports, strobes etc. if possible. Open to any reasonable offers if price is right. Drop me a line if interested - Thanks:)
  3. Hi Randall, I've met very few underwater photographers who make a full time living out of their craft. However, if you hold down a main source of income as I do and use your skills to supplement this, then underwater photography and the businesses that "wrap" around it can be lucrative in many ways other than financial. If you are interested I have penned a lot more info on this subject in my blog. Good luck with the lecture
  4. Now there's an interesting subject for a post! Watch out for an update on the blog. And thanks for the kudos Alex,
  5. Quick update for those who are watching this one. I've picked Martin Heyn from Seattle as the first to be 'blog coached.' The process has started, see the below link to Brendiver's World for Martin's progress.
  6. Hey John, you might need to watch for the competition, the Beeb have rolled Dan Burton out as a "diving expert" twice over the past month or so!
  7. A big thank you to wetpixel moderators Cor Bosman and Julie Edwards for adding their story to Brendiver's World Their account of how they succeeded in getting published has several lessons for anyone else thinking of going down the same road.
  8. Hi Tim, good point, however, in photography, the arts, writing, there's many a time the only way to get ahead is to carry out your art for nothing, well, maybe not for nothing, for the exposure, for the joy of sharing your art. And maybe someday you'll get paid for it? You're right though, you've got to ask, no point in being a door mat! In any case, this post isn't asking for people to write for no payment, it's to get an article published in either a fee paying of non fee paying publication, and if it's fee paying, I'd expect the author to donate to charity - seems reasonable?
  9. Thanks Cor, and to answer Antacid's question, it's my intention for the whole process to be carried out in the Web 2.0 world via my blog. The medium would be posts and comments, totally interactive and 'out there' for everyone to see, think about, comment on (agree, disagree, there are no rules - just 'stuff' that works), and provide fresh perspectives / thoughts. Check the link on my first post for details of how I think it could work.
  10. If anyone has ever dreamed of getting an article published in the diving media, here's an offer you can't refuse. As a bit of an experiment to see if it can be done, I'd like to coach someone from the, "I'd love to get something published in a diving magazine," stage all the way to, "Wow - that's my name and those are my pictures!" The only catch, the coaching process will be open for all to see via my blog, there would be no phone calls, no e-mails (other than an initial introduction), the only line of communication would be on the blog via posts and comments. You can find out more at: http://www.brendiversworld.com/photojourna...g-coaching.html I don't want any money for this, no other form of reward, I just think it would be interesting to do. I suppose if anyone got paid as a result of publication I would expect them to donate any $ to a worthy charity. Thoughts? Anyone interested?
  11. Thanks for the link to John's site, I've added it to my site. John didn't tell me he had a website? You see - he's quite a modest chap really! Maria Munn has now added her story to the site. Waiting in the sidelines preparing their story are Mike Veitch, Gavin Parsons, Miss Scuba and Charles Hood. Anyone else? Even if you have only had one article published, or you prepare the club newsletter, your story is of interest to others.
  12. A big thank you to John Liddiard (http://www.jlunderwater.co.uk/index.htm) for adding his story to the post on the site. Some excellent advice from someone who has years of experience as a full time freelancer, thanks again John
  13. I'm very grateful to Alex Mustard, John Bantin and Elaine Whiteford for their contributions to my blog on how they got into the world of diving related photojournalism. This is your invite to join them. I'm fascinated by the different routes people have taken to get published and I hope this section of my blog will become a source of inspiration for others. So, if you would like to join Alex, John and Elaine, and you have had an article published in your: club newsletter, website, magazine, local newspaper, anywhere, or you are hoping to, and you haven't quite got there yet, I would love to hear from you. PM, comment or e-mail via the site.
  14. Cor, Mega feature - Nice job! Although you can see my house (and its windows - Wow!) I've put my flag next to the closest dive site to where I live. Check it out, you'll find a "myriad" of fish, "stunning vistas" and loads of other cliched stuff. Well, maybe not, but it is a protected area (unlike the UK's coastline) and home to a really rare newt. Hey - I've just noticed, that's not my car in the driveway, what's my wife been up to!?!
  15. I might be missing the obvious here, but how do you get assessed as competent as a Solo Diver? Wouldn't the fact that an instructor / assessor is there negate the fact that you are truly demonstrating that you are confident and competent (there is a difference) to dive solo??
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