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  1. Selling Hugyfot for D700 with 45 degree viewfinder and regular viewfinder. Ports for 105mm macro and dome port also available. All rarely used. Dived less than ten times. Can sell D700 as well. Price for housing including viewfinders: $2,750 Ports - prices to be discussed. Camera price: $1,000 Any questions, please contact Simon directly Thanks Simon
  2. Selling a perfect condition Amphibico EVO Buddy for a Sony A1E - used about twice. Include LED screen on back and 55m lens port with diopter. Also can sell Sony A1E which is in very good condition including extra battery, shotgun mic and cables. Amphibico: $1,750 Sony $1,000 Willing to ship - cost of shipping not included in above prices. Any questions please contact me directly. Thanks Simon
  3. HI Mark Apologies for the delay. Yes I still have one. Please let me know if you are still interested. Many thanks Simon
  4. Aloha Unfortunately not- selling the entire package S
  5. Almost as new Hugyfot for D700 with hugycheck, bulkheads for 2x strobes. Purchased 2011 directly from Hugyfot - can dig out serial numbers. Ports not included. Dived 5-8 times in Ireland and twice in Egypt max - was a busy period in life and D700 was stolen this winter so time to change. Ship worldwide if buyer pays. Can deliver within 150km radius. Please contact me directly if interested to discuss. Many thanks, Simon PS snaps taken with phone camera in low light - excuse the quality.
  6. Again virtually as new housing for Sony A1E with camera included in offer. Possibly also including Pelican Case if buyer is interested. Dived about 3 times. Camera used moderately for 1 year prior to housing purchase. All in excellent working order- housing is easy to use, maintain and is nicely balanced. Housing features screen on back powered by 4 AA batteries. Port is 55mm flat port with diopter. Electronic controls on right hand Camera is in good condition. Was broadcast quality DVTape camera. Also comes with extra battery, some tapes and a shotgun mike as well as charger cable and lens hood. Happy to chat and demo. For sale in Europe. Please contact Simon directly if interested. New price for housing 2300 Euro Pelican 500Eur Sony A1E 1800 Bits and bobs: About a hundred Offer the lot: 2750EUR Many thanks S
  7. Virtually as new Hugyfot housing for D700 available in Europe for sale. Ports and 45degree eyepiece not included- am trading up. Dived 5-8 times. Minimal use and good care. Stored in Pelican Case always. No problems no buillshit. If interested please contact Simon directly to learn more. New price is 2800EUR. 2500? Many thanks, S
  8. Almost new. Dived about 5 times. Including the Hugycheck system. Housing is a beaut - overall nice ergonomics. Ports available through Hugyfot. Pictures available in the coming days - but look at the Hugyfot website for visual reference.. housing has no marks on it. Price new 2,900 EUR Selling for 2,600 EUR Happy to speak by telephone (please direct message me with your number and I can phone at your convenience). Based in continental Europe. Can deliver for extra fee, or deliver in person if within 100km. Thanks Simon P.S. Also selling SPL Waterhousing for D700 (camera not included) and Amphibico EVO Buddy for Sony A1E (with camera included).
  9. Hello. always encouraging to see people valuing their natural heritage in sustainable ways (alive for example!). I would agree - following through on laws i.e. securing convictions is critical in any wildlife crime story. All told- it is estimated to be a $20 billion "industry" when you pile in all the ivory, pangolins, tigers, reptile skins, turtles and birds for pets, bushmeat, plants stolen for gardens, fish for aquaria etc etc. Conviction and sentencing seem to be one part of a puzzle - a puzzle that changes shape depending on what country and what species you are dealing with, but which has similar pieces irrespective: creating legal frameworks, generating awareness, providing alternatives to local communities, knowing the species, coordinating with international bodies and ensuring the law is enforced. As a consequence, the difficulty of realising change seems especially daunting when dealing with international trade in marine species. My day-job involves working with NGOs involved in species conservation and it never ceases to amaze me the myriad subtleties that can derail a project or scupper its chances of success...if there is one common denominator, one thing it all boils down to- it is people.. and sometimes those people have few alternatives or few obvious cash ready alternatives. through work, I've "seen" it with the Vaquita in the Gulf of Mexico as well as positively so in Gabon and Bangladesh - it doesn't always have to be eco-tourism: locals can enjoy their natural heritage too for any of numerous reasons! And sometimes it makes sense to convict the poacher and sometimes it doesn't: sometimes the poacher has no alternative, sometimes he/she is just a pawn behind which an extensive and sinister network of contacts disappears among the shadows of shipping containers, false papers, unmarked roads and coded phone calls... As regads Manta rays and other mobulids, I think 99% of the world market for the gill plates of Mantas are destined for Guangzhou. Another one of the NGOs we work with spends most of its efforts collaborating with Chinese celebrities to produce influential Public Service Announcements all centred around the idea that "when the buying stops, the killing will too"...that is compelling but it cannot work on its own..as mentioned, it depends on the socio-economic-political infrastructure of the country and culture in question.. but as in all civil societies, the will to create and enforce laws will play a role..that said, without love nothing would ever change for the better..just my opinion
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