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  1. Hello All Made a short-film from atlanthic costline.I am werry facinated by the annemone and made a film on them.Wanted to show som of the life form cold wather of Norway. Hope you endjoy it. Best Regards Westcoast. WebLink 720p HD: http://web.mac.com/vidarjohannesvedaa/iWeb...ur/Sealife.html ________________________
  2. Post problem Here is the link to my photo I hope Web Link http://web.mac.com/vidarjohannesvedaa/iWeb...r/UW-Photo.html Sorry folks!!!
  3. Hello DeanB Problem whid the post,beck in a week whid the film link from cold whater in Norway. Best regards Westcoast
  4. I have made a new underwather film on the cost of Norway.Want to sher some photos from the film. Best Regards Westcoast
  5. I have made a new underwather film on the cost of Norway.Want to sher some photos from the film. Best Regards Westcoast
  6. Free-Dyiving. I do free-dyving dont use bottel Nick.
  7. Thanks alot Jonny and Nick. I am new in UV-video my main aeria is Wildlife-film, but trimix is new for me Nick. Editing,camcorder,housing??? Best regards v.vedaa
  8. If I make some film for internet my sekvens is ucomp 720p an then I compress.My mac is G5 1.6 so not a fast one.Have to by a biger.
  9. Hello Drew. I have the old Final cut Studio,have not tryed prores 422.I have to got studio 2 and new mac.I like the new IMac 24".I like the new color,have you trayed it.Color must be a big upgrade. Best Regards V Vedaa.
  10. God point Drew, I have many time wonder Cam gama or post,I tink the cam give beter picture whitout cingama.Spesial in low light,see more noise in picture whit cinegama. The macro butum on sony is wery nice,but focus in EWA-bag is difficold for me. Best Regards V.Vedaa _____________
  11. I use Sony HVR-A1e.On this clip i use cinegama2,and AE shift -1,WB Shift +1.Color corected in Final Cut Studio whid HD 720p 10bit ucomp.Then commpressed in compressor 720p-H.264 at Lan stream.2 pass vbr,key frame auto,data rate 3000kbit/sek.If i commpress from HDV More macro blocs seen.Clip made in Eaw-bag not the best,have to use auto.But some day a Ikelite?? Best Regards V.Vedaa Westcaost-Film. ______________________ Home-Site: http://web.mac.com/vidarjohannesvedaa/iWeb.../Info-home.html
  12. I have done a litle short video on grund water.My first UV-video,have done Wildlife video in many yeare. Descoverd a new world under water,shering my first lite UV-video.QuickTime file 76,3mb Weblink: http://web.mac.com/vidarjohannesvedaa/iWeb...r/Hellesoy.html _____________ best regards WestCoast.
  13. I westcoast is new in diving.But have done Wildlife-film in many year.I have made some UV-film Shere the last one whit you. Link: http://web.mac.com/vidarjohannesvedaa/iWeb...r/Hellesoy.html ________________ Best regards WestCoast.
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