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  1. The short answer is YES! Think of it as a one time payment for an insurance policy. Stuff happens. Camera replacement, loss of SD card, battery, and housing rebuild = a couple grand.
  2. Never used dual S&S cord. I had this as a back-up, but it has never been attached to housing or strobes or never in water. $194.95 NEW. Complete with original package, S&S 0-ring lube, and instructions. I offer at $99.00 USD with free USPS priority within the USA. I accept PayPal.
  3. Hi Adam, Thank you for your hard work and diligence in maintaining this site. BUT, I strongly prefer the granularity of the former structure. Best Regards, Bob
  4. Yes, gaffer's tape does not leave a residue when removed and sticks very good. No reflective etc. I use it on camera and when shooting 4x5t to attach filters to the back of lenses.
  5. Yo Chris, "I have an EM-1 MkII and it appears to have a way to assign a focus limiter to a button, so maybe search through what programmable function buttons you have available." Please explain how to do this.
  6. I have the Nauticam EM-5 Mark I kit and recently purchased the EM-1 Mark II camera (currently $1500 USD). I hope to get the housing before our fall trip to Indonesia. The EM-1 II is super fast and has 4K video. If you go from the EM-5 I to II you will save beaucoup coins (including very fast and expensive cards) over the EM-1, but I think you would a kit that would be top notch for the future. Besides, the EM-1 is a great topside camera (currently shooting nesting raptors with a 300 mm lens). Regards, Bob
  7. I have set this lens for the close range and found to be to limiting. In days of olde, I would prefocus at the desired distance, lock focus and aim at the subject( a tip from Jim Church). Also, switch to manual focus to tweek. Regards, Bob
  8. Thanks Chris for the input. Olympus tech. recommends Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-II U3 300MB/s for 4K video. I ordered some UHS-I 90 MB/s for my wife's camera. I may have to steal them 80)
  9. Well! Not to be too pedantic, what we are discussing is reduced pressure. There is a scientific definition for a vacuum which can not be achieved with this apparatus. "Nature abhors a vacuum", but these systems are a really helpful.
  10. "BTW I just started shooting the Oly 12-50 "electric" zoom which I have a port for but not the gear ring." Oh do get the gear ring. A bit of a bear to set up, but a nice option.
  11. Hey, I have the E-M5 Mark I and the E-M10 Mark I; now that is the past! What generation is your E-M10?
  12. Yes sir. The E-M1 MII has two slots and a dual processor that allows for 60 fps burst shooting (18 fps w/continuous autofocus). So, two UHS-II slots instead of one UHS-I and UHS-II each would be handy. Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-II with U3 is one of the recommended cards, and has a speed rating of 300MB/s. Good for 4K video and burst shooting.
  13. UHS-II is backwardly compatible. It will accept UHS-I, SC***, etc. Also, use the UHS-II for both video and high burst mode for land pics.
  14. Thanks tursiops for your input. Olympus support link for tested cards in the E-M1 MII: http://cs.olympus-imaging.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/compati/media/sd/en_2016_04.cfm For a few dollars more, maybe two UHS-II slots would have been good.
  15. The adult Rhinopias is about 6+ inches long. I used the 12-50 on the E-M5 (older mark I) in Indonesia. The water was fairly clear. I did not need macro close focus. What is the minimum focus distance for the 12-42?
  16. Pardon me if there is a thread on this topic. I searched and did not find any results. I am about to purchase an Olympus E-M1 Mark II and would like some of your suggestions for memory cards. UHS-II for raw? UHS-I for video? Video: ? MB/s write ?MB/s read ?U/V/Class min. write? Raw: same questions What brand of cards are giving you good results? TIA, Bob
  17. Did you mean the pany 8-18 mm? I did not find a Panasonic 8-16. Nauticam makes a port for this lens for the EM-1 M II.
  18. Hi Adam, I use both the 12-50 mm with gear & the 60 mm with gear in the Nauti 12-50 port. No problem with either. Nauticam housing for Oly E-M5 Mark I. The 60 focus gear will cover the 60 lens focus limit switch.
  19. Thanks for the offer Big Trev. I finally gave up searching for mine and order a new one. I have been remiss by not posting this sooner.
  20. Good suggestions. Back the dark ages before reliable AF, we would pre-focus as mention above on the palm of the hand, fin, or a appropriate distance object with enough contrast.
  21. I prefer using the view finder on my Oly EM5. As mentioned above, the screen can be useful to sneak the camera closer to shy subjects.
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