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  1. I have used black gaffesr tape and it has worked best for me. I found electrical tape to be a little more reflective in certain lighting conditions, especially when using a surf housing, and I am above water shooting surfers.




    Yes, gaffer's tape does not leave a residue when removed and sticks very good. No reflective etc. I use it on camera and when shooting 4x5t to attach filters to the back of lenses.

  2. I have the Nauticam EM-5 Mark I kit and recently purchased the EM-1 Mark II camera (currently $1500 USD). I hope to get the housing before our fall trip to Indonesia.


    The EM-1 II is super fast and has 4K video. If you go from the EM-5 I to II you will save beaucoup coins (including very fast and expensive cards) over the EM-1, but I think you would a kit that would be top notch for the future. Besides, the EM-1 is a great topside camera (currently shooting nesting raptors with a 300 mm lens).




  3. I'm just learning to use the 60mm lens w/my GH5 camera. First dive I put the focus limit switch to .19-infinity. This setting allowed great versatility (up close macro, or larger subjects from 2-3m away). Unfortunately in this position, the lens/camera tended to focus on the furthest item in the field of view. For example, when trying to focus on a small fish that was up close, the camera/lens would focus on a fan coral in the background. I could manually work around the issue by focusing the camera on my hand then moving the camera to focus on an object, but that was a pain.


    I eventually put switch to the .19-.4 position, and resigned myself to not being able to focus outside that range.


    I'm wondering if there is a way to program the limit switch function in the camera.


    I have set this lens for the close range and found to be to limiting. In days of olde, I would prefocus at the desired distance, lock focus and aim at the subject( a tip from Jim Church). Also, switch to manual focus to tweek.




  4. Yes sir. The E-M1 MII has two slots and a dual processor that allows for 60 fps burst shooting (18 fps w/continuous autofocus). So, two UHS-II slots instead of one UHS-I and UHS-II each would be handy. Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-II with U3 is one of the recommended cards, and has a speed rating of 300MB/s. Good for 4K video and burst shooting.

  5. Pardon me if there is a thread on this topic. I searched and did not find any results. I am about to purchase an Olympus E-M1 Mark II and would like some of your suggestions for memory cards.


    UHS-II for raw?

    UHS-I for video?


    Video: ? MB/s write ?MB/s read ?U/V/Class min. write?

    Raw: same questions


    What brand of cards are giving you good results?




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