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  1. The Tokina 10-17 will not AF on the Nikon D40 or D60. If you decide on an D5100, check out the specs to ensure it will work with you lens choices. No sweat for a D7000. Bob
  2. No Scotty, it is the other way around. Nikor lens: 105 MM VR ~$890 USD 1:1 @ 12" or 30.5 cm 60 mm ~$465 1:1 @ 8.6" OR 22 cm DOES NOT WORK on D40, D60, D3000, D5000, ... 85 mm VR ~$485 1:1 @ 11.26 or 29 cm I have the older 105 & 60 mm. I started the 60 and always use it in AF. I now perfer the 105 for the added working distance makes lighting the subject easier. It is a little tight for a DX (1.5 crop) sensor. Note that the 60 make not work on the D3100 or D5100. The 60 is good for very murky water. If I were to buy a new Nikor macro, I would strongly consider the 85 mm. The 10-17 FE is a great w/a lens. I think the Inon z240s iTTL only via the fiber or slave connection. Regards, Bob
  3. For those of you who are interested, a serial review of a production model Sony NEX 7. Luminous-Landscape Bob
  4. I agree. iTTL is nice for most macro shots, but M for W/A is generally the best. Not having a built in flash would present a problem. Bob
  5. You can book with sevveral boats that will let you see the whales from the surface. If you want to be in the water, you will have to book with someone with a special permit. Bob
  6. Hmmm ... So much for Cartier-Bresson's critical moment. I wish Sony would stop the mega pixel race. Soon we will have 5 lb. lenses on a 12 oz. camra to match the resolution. Bob
  7. In the conclusions section of the Dema report, Adam notes that none of the housing companies seem interested in the Nikon J1/V1. I am thinking the Sony NEX7 or the Pany GX1 may be the best bets. Bob
  8. Richard at Reef Photo Video said the Z240 will minic the master strobe. Bob
  9. Say you have and electrical connection to a proprietary strobe (sync @ 1/125, 1/500, ...). With the Z240 as slave and the master strobe @ 1/500, what is the min. sync interval for the slave? 1/160, 1/250, …??? Bob
  10. Out standing Being a cheap bastard, I can appreciate reducing cost. The micro flash is very intriguing. What is the max. flash sync. with this unit? Bob
  11. Do you think the Inons in slave mode could match 1/250 to an external Sony strobe? Bob
  12. Do you know what the NEX7 max. shutter speed syncs are for interal & external flash? After fruitless searches (including the Sony NEX site and chat), Alex of Sony tech support said that the max. internal flash is 1/160 sec., BUT the max. external (hot shoe connected) is the HD link to the SONY ALPHA strobes which is the max. for the camera; 1/4000 !!! Heads up Inon and housing manufacters. Regards, Bob
  13. You may have better responses if you post here with WTB or Want To Buy ... Classifieds Regards, Bob
  14. That should quite the nattering nabobs (like me). Thanks for the update Adam. Bob
  15. Ok, now it is 31 votes with ~ 90% in favor of a new category for not DSLR with interchangeble lenses. I agree with M43User; doh! I started this topic. I don't think comparing a topic thread to a category is meaningful; only 31 readers cared enough to vote out of 531 views. Bob
  16. We have only 25 votes with 23 Yes and 2 nos. Not enough interest to petition for a new category. Bob
  17. Ryan at reef photo made a gear for the Sigma 17-70 DC HSM MACRO BUT NOT OS on my Nexus D80 M5. Try him at: reef photo and video Bob
  18. OK - I asked Eric Cheng about setting up a seperate section for the EVIL - Mirrorless cameras w. interchangeable lenses. He suggested posting in the DSLR section. So, if WP doesn't create a new catagory, we could agree to post in one. I think these tpes are closer to DSLRs than digicams. Bob
  19. I have tried the PVC; low S/N i.e. not much gain in buoyancy. Consider adding another arm to the starboad side and puting floats on both sides. Bob
  20. Michael Reichman is a Sony NEX 7 fan boy He does reflect on that he only found one real short comming for the camera (HD in 0.7not 2 EVs). Nice review. Check it out: M. R. Nex 7 Bob
  21. Last Bump - Less than 90 mins. - These items WILL SELL - Please have a look. Bob
  22. Just a bump. Sale closes at 20:00 hrs PDT Today 18 Sept. Please have a look. Bob
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