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  1. Also, what exactly is the Kenko 1.4 teleconverter ? What does it do to the toktino 10-17 lense?

    The Tokina 10-17 will not AF on the Nikon D40 or D60. If you decide on an D5100, check out the specs to ensure it will work with you lens choices. No sweat for a D7000.


  2. yes, the ikelite won't marry with the ttyl from the z240 - other housing will - but I use it on manual now anyway so am knowledgable how to do that.


    if I am correct a 100mm would requite you to be closer to the object than a 60mm macro? How close would you have to be to an object to effectively use either a 60 or 100mm lens?


    Also, a modular port vs a fixed port - can you explain the differences?

    No Scotty, it is the other way around.

    Nikor lens:

    105 MM VR ~$890 USD 1:1 @ 12" or 30.5 cm

    60 mm ~$465 1:1 @ 8.6" OR 22 cm DOES NOT WORK on D40, D60, D3000, D5000, ...

    85 mm VR ~$485 1:1 @ 11.26 or 29 cm


    I have the older 105 & 60 mm. I started the 60 and always use it in AF. I now perfer the 105 for the added working distance makes lighting the subject easier. It is a little tight for a DX (1.5 crop) sensor. Note that the 60 make not work on the D3100 or D5100. The 60 is good for very murky water. If I were to buy a new Nikor macro, I would strongly consider the 85 mm.


    The 10-17 FE is a great w/a lens. I think the Inon z240s iTTL only via the fiber or slave connection.




  3. The fast burst rate (continuous shooting at 60 frames per second) of the Nikon V1 seems interesting for macro. No more worrying about getting the right part of the critter in focus, just start moving and fire off a burst!



    Hmmm ... So much for Cartier-Bresson's critical moment. :B):


    I wish Sony would stop the mega pixel race. Soon we will have 5 lb. lenses on a 12 oz. camra to match the resolution.



  4. Looked at the V1 at Sammy's. Compared it to the GF3.


    The Nikon was bigger. The salesman at Sammy's was very high on the GF3. Thought it was as excellent camera.


    I mention this because there are housings becoming available for the GF3 now, while there are not even UW useful lenses available for the V1 yet.


    Of course the GX1 with an improved sensor was also announced yesterday.

    In the conclusions section of the Dema report, Adam notes that none of the housing companies seem interested in the Nikon J1/V1. I am thinking the Sony NEX7 or the Pany GX1 may be the best bets.



  5. Say you have and electrical connection to a proprietary strobe (sync @ 1/125, 1/500, ...). With the Z240 as slave and the master strobe @ 1/500, what is the min. sync interval for the slave? 1/160, 1/250, …???



    Richard at Reef Photo Video said the Z240 will minic the master strobe.


  6. 1/250? The max sync speed is limited by the shutter of the camera, not by the on camera flash. I don't use Inons but my YS110a's will do S-TTL up to 1/160th with the NEX-5



    Say you have and electrical connection to a proprietary strobe (sync @ 1/125, 1/500, ...). With the Z240 as slave and the master strobe @ 1/500, what is the min. sync interval for the slave? 1/160, 1/250, …???



  7. Max is 1/160th, NEX-5 is the same. External Hotshoe Alpha strobes have high speed sync enabled that allows 1/4000. Canon & Nikon have the same feature for their line of speedlites, but no underwater strobe will be able to do the pulses required to have High Speed Sync.



    Do you think the Inons in slave mode could match 1/250 to an external Sony strobe?


  8. Do you know what the NEX7 max. shutter speed syncs are for interal & external flash? After fruitless searches (including the Sony NEX site and chat), Alex of Sony tech support said that the max. internal flash is 1/160 sec., BUT the max. external (hot shoe connected) is the HD link to the SONY ALPHA strobes which is the max. for the camera; 1/4000 !!!


    Heads up Inon and housing manufacters.




  9. Hi folks


    I don't think that there is actually any debate about the need for a forum for EVIL cameras, certainly I think there should be!


    The issue is more practical-we are and have been redesigning the site for some time. It is taking far more time than we hoped or anticipated. The inclusion of new forums further complicates the migration of data onto any new design, and this is the reason for the reticence.


    May I beg yet more patience while we get things sorted please. We do not have an implementation date for the new design yet, but I'm sure when we get it up, it will incorporate an EVIL forum!



    That should quite the nattering nabobs (like me). Thanks for the update Adam.


  10. Could you enlighten us as to site statistics like number of accounts, number of accounts with greater than 20 posts, average number of users logged on?

    I'm trying to understand if 25 votes is significant or not.

    What number would have made it enough?

    Ok, now it is 31 votes with ~ 90% in favor of a new category for not DSLR with interchangeble lenses. I agree with M43User; doh! I started this topic. I don't think comparing a topic thread to a category is meaningful; only 31 readers cared enough to vote out of 531 views.


  11. Hi Everybody ,


    Sorry to bother you for this , but this forum is the only place i can get a correct answer .Hope you can help me out .

    I need the exact diameter of the zoom Barrel on the above mentioned New lens from Sigma ( 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM).

    I don't have access to it at the moment and i have to pass the info trough to my friend back home to make me a zoom gear for my Nexus housing.

    I am on a little bit remote area at the moment ,


    So thanks in advance if any one can help me out with this ,


    Best Regards,

    Ryan at reef photo made a gear for the Sigma 17-70 DC HSM MACRO BUT NOT OS on my Nexus D80 M5. Try him at:


    reef photo and video



  12. for a camera that have a 73 point af system (say whaaaatt..)

    it does looks promising..

    :D OK - I asked Eric Cheng about setting up a seperate section for the EVIL - Mirrorless cameras w. interchangeable lenses. He suggested posting in the DSLR section. So, if WP doesn't create a new catagory, we could agree to post in one. I think these tpes are closer to DSLRs than digicams.


  13. Maybe move the focus light over to the other arm side to get more side-to-side balance. Mount a float arm to the top ball instead? I've seen floats made from a chunk of PVC tubing with endcaps glued on, and a ball mount.


    I've also seen people mount foam in an annulus (donut like shape) around the lens port, but I personally am not a fan of the idea. Might provide some front floatation but sort of get in the way of seeing 'around' the rig for macro shots (I see you have a flat port).

    I have tried the PVC; low S/N i.e. not much gain in buoyancy. Consider adding another arm to the starboad side and puting floats on both sides.


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