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  1. I have a few offerings up on eBay: Ike Ais, Stobe Cords, Battery Packs, Chargers Nikonos IVa, Extension Tubes, O-rings AND 35 & 28 mm Lenes
  2. Hmmm, surfactants and a dash of ROH. If it has ammonia, may be at a less concentration than Windex has? The micro-fiber cloth is all I use 99 and 44/100 % of the time. Oh wait, that is something else. Bob
  3. It's the w/a end that is critical. The lens extends some 2+ inches as it zooms towards 70 mm and hence smaller sections of the dome center. At 70 mm it is only a few mms from the dome center. Bob
  4. I would not use Windex. Micro-fiber cloth and if smeary, a drop of photo lens cleaner. Bob
  5. ikelite has always gone to bat for me. Assuming that the lock can be replaced, have them air mail it to your destination. Bob
  6. I think George agrees with you. Taking up u/w photography after getting comfortable diving. Good buoyancy control is an essential skill. Bob
  7. Yeap, that's the way it works for my D80 though the flash does "clunk" on the housing roof. Bob
  8. I don't see Backscatter in the list of exhibitors. Bob Denver SCUBA Show 2011
  9. I have the Nexus 170 mm dome for the Nikon 12-24 and use a +4D. This dome also works with the Sigma 17-70 (60 mm extension) w/o a diopter. No vinetting. Bob
  10. Greg, Set you AF/M switch to AF and then depress the AF (mode) button on the top of the camera. With the button depressed, dial in the mode. Bob
  11. Hi Drew, I may be in danger of being too far off topic, but please expand on moon phase and time of year for macro subjects. Bob
  12. A.Y., You may want to follow the other NEX thread: NEX-7 Sony makes the FE 16mm APS-C =15mm & the W/A 16mm APC = 18mm (35 mm FF) adapters. Bob
  13. Thanks for the explanation; I didn't realize it would have AF. I have a Dremel Tool and know how to use it! "If you build it, they will come." - The Voice from "The Field of Dreams” or may be it was Teddy Roosevelt talking about the Panama Canal. Bob
  14. John, I'm in the same boat. I am trying to decide between two apples and one watermelon: NEX-7 (8/11), GF7 (1/12?), and D400 (2-3/12?). Bob
  15. Why not check with Chris over at Nauticam USA? Bob Contact Nauticam USA
  16. Yep-ers, but a 3rd party would likely make an adapter sans the tripod mount. With only one control, this system would be limited to primes for MF. I have the Nexus multi-port (focus or zoom control in the port) that could be adapted to the Nauti, but it would dwarf the housing. Bob
  17. The NEX(s) are NOT 4/3-ers (Oly & PanY). They are APS-C sensor ~ 1.5 crop factor from full 35 x 26 mmm sensor. The lens adapter has a tripod mount on the bottom. I doubt any manufacturer will make a NEX housing that can use this. Bob
  18. Yes, the FE adapter yields ~ 15 mm (135 format) and the w/a adapter ~ 18 mm. The Tonk 10-17 behind a 4-1/3" dome w/o a diopter is very sweet. Stewart, Do you have the EVF? If so, what is the eye point (max distance from the finder screen to eye) w/o optical vinetting? Bob
  19. ! Muy caro! That's the price with the 18-55 kit lens. The body is $1199 USD MSRP. Sony has been producing exchangeable lens camera for a bout 6 years. There are some wonderful features in the cameras. What is needed are more lens choices. I can swallow the price, but would want the equivalent to the Tokina 10-17 FE, Sigma 17-70 Macro, 60 and 105 (40 – 70 mm macro zoom would be nice) Nikkor macros for U/W. Looks like a great travel pocket rocket. I see what the G7 looks like after PMA (Jan 2012). Then it will be time to buy in. Bob
  20. Whoa, check this out. Some one at Sony was thinking like a shooter when they laid this out. The view finder is on the side like the old range finder. Not that I have shuch a big nose, but one can put the VF close to the eye a steady the camera against the cheek instead of a greasy nose print on the LCD. The hot shoe is centered over the lens. Let's see what shakes out next Wed. Bob NEX 7 Images
  21. Well Gregg, I have the old Nikkor 105 and almost always use it in MF. I don't have a tripod either. To help stablize your shot, make a three point hold for the housing: elbows on rib cage and face mask slighly firm on view finder. Inhale and exhale slighty pausing and pull the trigger. Oh yeahm shoot between heart beats OK, may be not. Also, I use a small, solid fiberglass rod I got from Reef PV to keep me off the bottom and steady me. Good shooting. Bob
  22. I don't know about the Sola LED red light, but all my AF Nikons used U/W (F4s, N90s, and D80) focus well in dim, red-filtered, incandescent light. Bob
  23. Here is the latest full review from dpreview. Bob Conclusion of Review
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