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  1. You want AF-C (for continuous). With AF-C, when you half depress the shutter button the lens will continue to focus while you or the subject moves, until you fully depress the button. With AF-S, it will only focus a single time when you half depress the shutter button. You'd have to release and half press again for it to focus again.

    Thanks Andrew. You said it better I could.


  2. What do you think is in your photo lens cleaner that isn't in windex? Water, some soapy stuff that leaves no residue and some ammonia (which evaporates).


    Hmmm, surfactants and a dash of ROH. If it has ammonia, may be at a less concentration than Windex has? The micro-fiber cloth is all I use 99 and 44/100 % of the time. Oh wait, that is something else.


  3. @ Tim, wow that is a rather big dome, can just image what nice results it should be capable of.


    @ Bob, (or anybody else:)) how does an extension tube resolve corner sharpness through out the whole zoom range, especially for lenses which change a lot through their zoom range? Reason for asking is because I can't imagine it being possible to optically align the dome port with the entrance pupil of the lens throughout the zoom range.


    @ Viz'art thank you for the explanation. Pity one loose field of view as well.

    It's the w/a end that is critical. The lens extends some 2+ inches as it zooms towards 70 mm and hence smaller sections of the dome center. At 70 mm it is only a few mms from the dome center.


  4. I'll look when I get home, but I'm pretty sure on my D90 it's just a 2 way switch, A-M.






    I'll take a real hard look at this, sounds like I might be on shutter release priority at present.





    Here again, I need to check my selector switch and see if it's a 3 way. What your describing should be able to be accomplished by just utilizing focus lock yes?


    Thanks for the tips!!!!






    Set you AF/M switch to AF and then depress the AF (mode) button on the top of the camera. With the button depressed, dial in the mode.


  5. I'd check the moon phases for the time of year for macro sites as that tends to dictate what life is there. .

    Hi Drew,


    I may be in danger of being too far off topic, but please expand on moon phase and time of year for macro subjects.



  6. I think you misunderstood this adapter. It has his own motor and phase-detect AF support, so it will autofocus with all alpha lens with and without motor built in the lens.

    Thanks for the explanation; I didn't realize it would have AF. I have a Dremel Tool and know how to use it!


    "If you build it, they will come." - The Voice from "The Field of Dreams” or may be it was Teddy Roosevelt talking about the Panama Canal. :B):



  7. Thanks for that explanation, I didn't realize that!


    I thought the Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras were all using the same system (I should have read more about it on wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirrorless_in...le-lens_camera)


    NOW I understand why divephotoguide's NEX-5 review made such a deal about the lack of lens availability.


    Damn, was all set to buy this upon release, as I am ready to upgrade from my canon S90.


    SO, back to the drawing board...do I buy the Nikon D7000, wait for Sony to bring out some more lenses, or wait for Panasonic to bring out a camera with similar specs as the NEX-7??? :B):


    I'm in the same boat. I am trying to decide between two apples and one watermelon: NEX-7 (8/11), GF7 (1/12?), and D400 (2-3/12?).


  8. I want to get a NEX-5N for scuba because it has everything I want: APS-C sensor, great high ISO image quality, 1080 60p HD, RAW, low cost ($600 body only), compact size, video silent lenses, in-camera chromatic aberration correction, video autofocus, touch-screen autofocus, auto panorama, & auto HDR (when I don't want to deal with stitching too many photos together or processing too many vacation RAW files). I want to get a Nauticam housing because I really like the one for NEX-5.


    NEX-5N's ISO6400 image quality is amazing and it's from such a tiny camera! To my eyes, looking at the imaging-resources samples' wine labels side-by-side, the $600 NEX-5N ISO6400 image quality is better than the $1200 Nikon D7000 ISO6400 with Sony sensor, FAR better than the $1700 Canon 7D ISO6400, and comes very close to the $2500 5D2 ISO6400 - the 5D2 captures "slightly" more details, but the NEX-5 has less noise.


    So, I need to know if Nauticam will make a housing for the NEX-5N. NEX-7 costs more than twice as much so it'll be much harder for a non pro to justify the expense.

    Why not check with Chris over at Nauticam USA?


    Contact Nauticam USA

  9. That's why god invented the Dremel. It is too bad about the adapter, I was getting really excited but it is clearly too big to fit in the Nauticam housing and sony still doesn't have any lenses yet.


    Yep-ers, but a 3rd party would likely make an adapter sans the tripod mount. With only one control, this system would be limited to primes for MF. I have the Nexus multi-port (focus or zoom control in the port) that could be adapted to the Nauti, but it would dwarf the housing.


  10. I am a confused, I though the micro 4/3s cameras could use lenses from any micro 4/3s manufacturer?


    Also, will micro 4/3s work with wet lenses?

    The NEX(s) are NOT 4/3-ers (Oly & PanY). They are APS-C sensor ~ 1.5 crop factor from full 35 x 26 mmm sensor.


    The lens adapter has a tripod mount on the bottom. I doubt any manufacturer will make a NEX housing that can use this.



  11. Sony has the Fisheye adaptor for the 16mm pancake, hope to try that out soon, the included 18-55 is pretty good behind a 6" dome, I forgot to bring the wife's camera today or I'd have some test shots to upload, a 30mm macro is coming but there's also word that Sigma and maybe Tamron are coming out with NEX lenses.

    I'm hoping the new NEX-5N fits in the existing NEX-5 housing...or just needs minimal tweaking. =)



    Yes, the FE adapter yields ~ 15 mm (135 format) and the w/a adapter ~ 18 mm. The Tonk 10-17 behind a 4-1/3" dome w/o a diopter is very sweet.



    Do you have the EVF? If so, what is the eye point (max distance from the finder screen to eye) w/o optical vinetting?


  12. Check out the price tag on this one.

    A whopping $1350!

    2 times the price of the nex5.

    Sony better not screw this up.


    Wonder how much the underwater housing would be... :)

    ! Muy caro! That's the price with the 18-55 kit lens. The body is $1199 USD MSRP. Sony has been producing exchangeable lens camera for a bout 6 years. There are some wonderful features in the cameras. What is needed are more lens choices. I can swallow the price, but would want the equivalent to the Tokina 10-17 FE, Sigma 17-70 Macro, 60 and 105 (40 – 70 mm macro zoom would be nice) Nikkor macros for U/W.


    Looks like a great travel pocket rocket. I see what the G7 looks like after PMA (Jan 2012). Then it will be time to buy in.



  13. Whoa, check this out. Some one at Sony was thinking like a shooter when they laid this out. The view finder is on the side like the old range finder. Not that I have shuch a big nose, but one can put the VF close to the eye a steady the camera against the cheek instead of a greasy nose print on the LCD. The hot shoe is centered over the lens. Let's see what shakes out next Wed.


    NEX 7 Images

  14. Well I finally bit the bullet and bought the 105mm. While playing around with it on land yesterday I found it quite difficult to get the focus right. I've been shooting the 60mm for a couple years now, and have had pretty good success with it.


    For those of you guru's/experts who made a similar transition, what would you recommend as far as tips and or technique?


    ** Do you utilize auto or manual focus? Or a combo of the 2?


    **On the lens, you have a selector for full or .5 (I believe this is for reduced focal range?)


    **I noticed when getting as close as the focal length would allow, it was extremely difficult to keep the subject in focus. Should I back up more?? Obviously for land it's tough without a tripod, but you don't have a tripod UW :)


    Any tips will help!! Thanks in advance!!! I would love to practice in a pool, but don't really have one available.



    Well Gregg, I have the old Nikkor 105 and almost always use it in MF. I don't have a tripod either. To help stablize your shot, make a three point hold for the housing: elbows on rib cage and face mask slighly firm on view finder. Inhale and exhale slighty pausing and pull the trigger. Oh yeahm shoot between heart beats ;) OK, may be not. Also, I use a small, solid fiberglass rod I got from Reef PV to keep me off the bottom and steady me. Good shooting.


  15. Has anyone used the Sola 600 for a focus light? A buddy says he likes it for the red light, which doesn't seem to bother the critters as much. Guess the big question is are the red lights effective for focus needs? If so, are there other options out there? Either lights, or red lenses for lights?

    I don't know about the Sola LED red light, but all my AF Nikons used U/W (F4s, N90s, and D80) focus well in dim, red-filtered, incandescent light.


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