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  1. Latest news from Nikon Rumors: Bob Nikon Rumors Link
  2. Lens cloth? I use a micro fiber cloth to clean eye glasses, lenses, and domes. Ensure that the cloth is very clean with absolutely no grit. Be careful not to get any o-ring grease inside of the port. I do not use lens cleaning fluid on the dome and only on lenses if they are especially dirty. Bob
  3. I agree. I have used the Nikkor 60 mm macro since '93. It is very sharp and fast focusing. I see no need for the "D" feature for u/w photography. Enjoy and save your money for other toys. OBTW, the Kenko 300 Pro 1.4 teleconverter will work with the older 60. Bob
  4. Don't you just love these tete-a-tete's! Bob
  5. A buddy brought his new D7000 in to the office today. AF is outstanding (near to oo), live view may be 1 second or so for near to oo. IMHO, 1 sec. lock is too slow for action. As mentioned before, we don't to near to oo much u/w. Bob
  6. Unless the neoprene is uncompressible, the buoyancy will vary with depth. I use Stix floats and ULC float arms. Inon offers several buoyancy arms – a better optional in my opinion. Bob
  7. Well a big happy birthday Steve. With 43 years of diving, I thought you might want to join the older than dirt club. I only have 36 years of diving, but I am older than you. I guess you young puppies will have wait a while. OBTW, I saw Stan Waterman at OWUW this year. He will be 88 next month and still can get in a dive a day. May we all be so blessed. Bob P.S. My bride & I will be in Dominica this November. Please post a trip report.
  8. IMHO, the only way to reduce shutter lag on your rig is manual pre-focus. With the small sensor, the depth of field will yield acceptable focus. Bob
  9. I have the older 105 and use the Nexus multiport. This allows AF or M. There is a button on this lens that must be depressed so that the AF/M selection ring can be rotated. I got this lens in the 1990's for my F4 rig. I doubt that with the special port, that this would be a cheaper option. Bob
  10. I agree. That's what I would do. Select ISO [110, 200] and spot meter 60-90 deg. away from Sun. I perfer - 1 EV for RPV (film) and mostly for my Nikon DSLR. Determin what shutter speed & apt. you what and then adjust the ISO for the desired exposure. Bob
  11. You must be busting buttons off your shirt front! Congrats to Kyra & her Dad. Bob
  12. The lanyard dangle with a shock cord is likely more preferable than a giant stride with camera. That said, I can do a giant stride and not go deeper than my shoulders initially. Timing and a good kick is what it takes. Practice! One hand on mask & 2nd stage and the other arm holding the rig aloft (Statue of Liberty entrance?). I am older than dirt, so you young puppies can do this. Bob
  13. Hei Lasse, God ting! Thanks for sharing. Bob
  14. We expect great shots form you and Deedee. I am channeling your exuberance through my keyboard. Congrats! Bob
  15. I was interested in the seatool/recsea housings until I read about their non-support for a housing problem. Seatool Problem Bob
  16. I went through the same process several years ago and selected the D80 over the D200 that I owned and the the Nexus housing because of prior experience with a F4 housing, size and weight considerations. The D80 housing weighs < 2 Kg (4.4 lbs) and is lighter and smaller the the cooresponding D200 housing. That said, the housing is not that much smaller and heavier, but with the cameras installed, there is a notible difference in weight. I do recomend the optiional viewfinder and optical strobe trigger. With most housings you can get both optical & hard wire connections. I use the Inon Z-240 for macro & w/a. I have sTTL with the optical connections if I want it. Unless you are looking for a used system, I would go with the D7000 vs. the D90. Here's a link to some reviews. U/W Reviews There are many reviews here at WP and all over the net. Bob
  17. Copyright © 2007 - 2011 Amazinglanta.com At least this year. Bob
  18. Well Don, Thom Hogen has a "good" prognosis for Sony and the NEX(*) future. Scroll down to "State of Mirrowless" for his musings. You might just win your bet. That said, lenses, lenes, lenses, AND defunk the UI. Bob STATE LINK
  19. Wow Aqua_soul, You are more measured than I would be. Thank you for your report. I will certainly not buy a Resea/Seatool product in the near future. Their mis-handling is so short sighted. Better luck. Bob
  20. That's what I am thinking. If I do this dive again, may be the 10-17 + 1.4x TC or the Siggy 17-70. The Tokina would ceertainly be easier to use. Bob
  21. I used a LED 44 (220 lux) with an old model Nikkor 60 mm micro lens on a D80 body. The light is nowhere near bright enough, but sometimes it would AF. I mostly used MF & MF pre-focus. The light was bright enough for me to spot little critters. I suggest you use a wider lens than the 60 mm. Since you have a Nexus housing, you can MF or AF. Consider renting a focus light. Bob
  22. Hi Oscar, I know nothing about Yongnous strobes. If you will look at the pinned topics for this goup, you will find the following link to Strobe Finder. There is a wealth of information is past discussions. Try some research. Bob Strobe Finder Link
  23. Hi, No, My wife and I were on your lovely island last June. I think I picked up that reference from Andrew Doughty's "Big Island Revealed" guide book. I am older than a lot of your island's surface. Some of it is still smoking! Soft landings, Bob
  24. Deutsch for wide angle. I'm older than dirt. Just go to the south on the big island and there I am older than dirt. Bob
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