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  1. That housing looks like it is for a GF1, not the GH1. (All of the numbers are beginning to sound the same to me at this point anyway :D )


    Ran some DXO scores for fun DXO and included the Canon 40D


    The camera (GH series) seems to split the size between dSLR and things like the GF series. Now if the GH performance can be put in the GF size body ;)

    (weitwinkel), (weitwinkel), (weitwinkel), my bad! It was Recsea/Seatool

    GH1 Link


    I must go out and commit seppuku immediately ;)

    (weitwinkel), (weitwinkel), (weitwinkel),


  2. I have my eye on this camera too. I especially like its size and weight. It is likely that if there is ever a housing for it, it will be nice and compact (read: airline friendly).


    I really want a camera I can use for both still and video under water, but there doesn't really seem to be a good solution yet. I am very tempted by the Canon 7D, but IMO the video side is too weak. Until something better comes out, I guess I'm stuck lugging along two cameras and two housings. Whenever I go diving, the other divers all want to know if they should shoot wide angle or macro; I always ask if I should shoot still or video ;)



    From ReefPhoto:




    Maybe a GH2 housing form Nauticam soon.


  3. I'm dying for one. The best live view auto focus available. So you have more flexibility underwater...


    I'm still waiting for some more reviews. The micro 4/3rds certainly is not quite as good IQ as dx. But not far off.


    I'm betting the the sony nex 7 will be released within a few months, and it will be a gh2 killer - same functions, EVF & live view, and great contrast detect auto focus, all on a dx sensor. Likely the same sensor as the nikon d7000 and sony a580.


    But then there are even fewer E lenses, than micro 4/3rds... What to do?

    I would almost take that bet. The max. 1/160 sync is slower than I prefer. If you are right, we could always get an E to F mount adapter ;)


    Una mas, Sony needs to really redo the UI.

  4. I've been reading a bit on the Panasonic GH2; looks like a pretty sweet camera and probably a really nice underwater camera. Does anyone own this camera, and has anyone taken one underwater. Housings?

    Panasonic seem to have done the best job of video / still integration from what I read, better than Nikon, and even better than Canon.

    I have the gh1. I use it for my non-dive travel camera and my grandson's football games. I prefer the Nikon interface, but the panny is better and closer to that than others I have handled. You may have checked these guys out. Others might want to have a look.

    Thom Hogan link see 21 Feb. and Michael Reichmann link really like the GH2 video compared to other still cameras.


  5. Adam, I attended, but was way too busy at the booth to do you some coverage, I can tell you the it was a great show, with a sizable attendance and everyone of us was strutting our new stuff for all to see, in the image department, I can think of (obliviously) Aquatica, Backscatter, Dive Photoguide, SeaLife, Equinox, Reef/Nauticam, Light & Motion, Ikelite, Canon, the series"Into The Drink" had a booth, Leigh Bishop, Cathy Church, Stan Waterman, Jet Britnell, Ernie Brook, Michael Barnette, Wetpixel members Stephen Frink and Michelle Gilbert and his wife Danielle Allary did seminars or presentations. and I at least saw a few Wetpixel members (i am sure there was more) Ryan from Reef/Nauticam/Zem and Chris (CP) the Nauticam rep and thanks to Deep 6 for stopping by ;) alway nice to go beyond the avatar :D t'was nice chatting with you


    Famed photographer Ernie Brook got a statue (really nice piece of work BTW) in is honor, anyone not familiar with this guy's work ought to look it up, the man is a total package, a gentleman, and outstanding artist and the coolest and warmest dude out there.


    Your are right-on about Ernie Brooks (Dr. Ernest Brooks II). I took a workshop with him circa '92. He is technical repository of information and is really into coaching and sharing his knowledge.


    You are quite the gentleman, etc. yourself. It was a pleasure meeting you.



  6. According to http://www.imaging-resource.com/ the e-pl1 is much slower autofocus and shutter lag time than even the slow g9. I know I would find it very frustrating.


    What you are wanting to do with the pix must determine what image quality you need. Perhaps the g9, kept at base ISO, will be adequate.

    Note what Don says about end use for your images. I haven't done the stingray shoot since '88. Then, they swam over my head. You don't need A/F; set lens at widest, pre-focus your camera and wait for the shot.


  7. On the other hand, it's really simple to put a straw filter behind the diffusor plate of an Inon strobe for blue-water shooting and the naturally blue cast is perfect for green-water wide-angle strobe photography.





    I was using the straw filters on the Z-240's with a 1/3 EV loss as best I recall. I find it easier to WB in the camera.


  8. I believe that the Kenko 1.4 (300 pro version) will autofocus with all three lenses, unlike the Nikkor version that will not work with the Tokina or the 60. Some folks claim that the Kenko is a bit soft, and others claim that it is sharp enough but that will depend a bit on how much pixel peeping you are in to. I use the Kenko version on my Canon 100 macro and on my 60 macro with a Canon extension tube and I think that for what I am interested in (mostly macro stuff with relatively shallow DOF) it is fine.



    I used the older Kenko 1.4x 300 Pro on the Tokina 10-17 (Nikon F mount) and the older 60 marco D (not S, ED). Works fine.


  9. I agree wiith the above e.g. Kona is better than Maui, Ed. R. is good on Maui. Do the Peglagic Magic dive; it is awesome! There are many good ops on the big island and many do the Manta dive (a zoo, but fun). See who can book you to hang like bait off a 3,000 foot drop off late in the night. :)


  10. This can be kind of fun to post to. :) I can only speak for myself and what i know happens on the DD. Everyone thinks we have the dream job, well just remember that you get to go home after a week or so and that YOU ARE A GUEST!

    Anytime you want t swap places with me let me know.


    Cheers and remember to keep you hand inside the ride at all times!


    PS...whats a wanker ??????

    Let me translate that into English for you - A wanker wanks i.e. a jerk-off.

    "England and America are two countries separated by a common language." - G. B. Shaw



  11. Thanks John, Bob. You've pointed out exactly the dilemma I'm hvaing...to shoot macro or wide angle lens.

    Hi Beth,

    At the risk of being place on the rack for heresy, I have a modest proposal. Consider you end use for the images. Is it a double page spread for NG, may be some nice 11 x 14-teens for the den, or post on your web site? Shoot a little wide and crop. You will be drifting with the current, but your subjects will be going faster. Do you have rock solid buoyancy control? Will your subject be exactly where you want it in the frame? Your 50D has 15 Mpx. I think you only need about 8 mpx for a 200 dpi 11 x 14 print. Shoot wider and give yourself some breathing room and crop. If you do more than one of these dives, try both macro & a wider angle. I don’t know your system, but with the Bare mini dome port (4-3/4”) I can use the 10-17, 10-17 + 1.4x TC, and the 17-70 with a 50 mm PE. Smaller kit, less fuss, lots of range. You might consider replacing the 18-35 with a better lens that can shoot 1:2 macro with a fairly wide range.


  12. Hi beth,


    I've actually been reading up on the subject as I am planning my first trip to dive in Kona also. here's a few links I found after a quick search that seem to have some good tips.


    Black Water Night Dive


    Kona "Pelagic Magic" black water


    I intend to start with my Nikon 60mm Macro, easy and fast focus. depending on how it does I may try the 105mm. I'll bring lots of light and just play with the strobes alot.


    Take care,


    Nope, been there - done that. I used a Nikkor 60 mm macro with a flat port on a Nikon D80 APSC ~= 90 mm for full frame 35. It was too tight. I think my 17-70 or 10-17 FE + 1.4x TC in a dome port would have been better. You will need a very bright light and many of the subjects will be quite small and semi-translucent. I switched between AF and pre-focused MF. You will need excellent buoyancy control. The dive is AWESOME!!! That is a trite and over used pa, but it really is AWESOME!!!


  13. The only problem I would have with the 85mm vs. the 60mm is the f/3.5 max aperture as opposed to f/2.8. Not so important if you are doing super small subjects and using a diopter or TC and will be using a smaller aperture, but important for fish portraits, no?



    My vastly depreciated $0.02: The 1/2 stop slower 85 mm is not important. I use the 60 & 105 lenses in the f/8 to f/16 range. With ISO settings from 100 to 200 and strobes, there is no need for max. apt. and the lenses are too narrow FoV for wide angle. 3.5 in the view finder is still usable and I have a focus light available on my rig.


  14. The older 60mm requires a gear that slips over that little AF/MF selector ring on the lens,


    Things to consider: if using the older 60mm with a 1.4x TC, then this will move everything forward about 1/2", this selector gear will not mesh anymore, your focus gear might not mesh depending if you will be focusing via the housing knob or a knob on the macro port, I personnaly have the old 60mm which is on the verge of croaking and would not buy another one, actually I am leaning very, very much toward the Nikon 85mm macro as a replacement.

    On occasion I will use the old 60 micro. I haven't used ith with a TC and I don't really need MF. It is plenty fast; even with small semi-transparent critters suspended the the water column at night (focus light). In general I perfer the 105. If I were to replace it, I like Jean's suggestion of the 85 - more working distance than the 60 has & the angle of view of the 105 on an FX.


    Jean, why not do the heavy lifting for us and test the 85 mm macro? Your nickel not mine :dancing:



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