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  1. Yeah, I have certainly had my misadventures with cameras due to Stupid User Errors (SUE): Nikonos IVa, Nikon F3, F4, and N90s, but fortunately not my Nikon DSLRs. I was either able to fix them on the spot or locally repaired at reasonable cost. Olympus could take a lesson in durability.


    That said, I really like this Olympus camera. The size and light weight of the camera and lenses are great for hiking in the mountains and vacation travel. In 35mm terms, I have 14 to 600 mm range of lenses at a reasonable cost. The camera has paid for itself with some commercial work.


    OBTW, SUE is not my beloved Sue, wife, dive buddy, and u/w model.




  2. I think I recall someone else had this problem, but I can't find it in search. The mode knob on my Oly EM-5 Mark I fell off and is lost. My Oly dealer can't fix this and said I had to use Olympus Repair. Olympus will not ship me the part (I could replace it myself) and the service department quoted a ridiculous price for replacing.


    Does anyone have a source for this part?




  3. Here's a little blurb from 43 Rumors:

    Mr. Yukihiko of Olympus Imaging Development Division has been interviewed by DC.watch (google translation here). I highlighted the key info in the hope google translation tool didn’t fool me as it happens sometimes:

    1) Worldwide DSLR+Mirrorless Camera Sales went down by 15%. But Mirrorless alone is till on expansion (Sales are growing for both lens and cameras).
    2) The PEN series is not selling as expected in USA and Europe, but the E-M5 sold very well in Europe. (PEN and OMD are selling well in Asian countries).
    3) The manager is confident that the E-M1 will sell better in EU and US than previous MFT cameras.
    4) Future focus is on premium products (New OMD camera and lenses, and so on).

    Note, there was a lot of talk about OMD and absolute zero talk about PEN. Probably Olympus marketing is betting on OMD cameras (and less on PEN’s) to increase their sales in 2014.


  4. Hi Everyone,

    I would appreciate some help. I am trying to decide on ports for the Nauticam housing but the information is a bit conflicting. Can you put the 12-50 lens in the Macro 60 or Flat 72 ports without vignetting at the widest setting? It seems to say yes on here but the photo stores say it can/will vignette.



    Not exactly what you asked, but you can put the Oly 12-50 & the Oly 60 macro in the Nauticam 12-50 port. That's what I use. The 60 is slightly shorter than the 12-50, so you use a little lens to subject distance at closest focus.


  5. Just curious about the 60mm in the 12-50 port. Autofocus only I assume and would the Subsea flip adapter work with that to the new nauticam super macro lens? Thinking about getting a M1 system for my wife for Xmas. Sounds like Pan 8mm with 4.33 dome, 12-50 w/port and 60mm the best set up? If the 60 fits the 12-50 then just 12-50 port and small dome would be really great for travel.


    Thanks for any info.

    I am using the 12-50 & the 60mm in the 12-50 port with the M5. As Coroander stated, you can either auto or manual focus these lenses. The macro zoom to 43 mm for the 12-50 is particularly nice. I have the Nauticam flipholder for 70 mm diopters with an Inon +6.



  6. Don't mean to be combative but the idea is to have options, maybe someone has a tray system they like or a style of handle they prefer. I agree that Nauticam has a nice system but you can customize it with other trays/handles to fit your needs. I personally like options.

    I like the hand strap on the right side of my Nauti OM D5 rig. I use the handles as strobe mounts.


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