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  1. This is working for me. Use fill when not set to manual. Bob
  2. I use the Oly 60 mm in the 12-50 port with a +6 diopter (flip mounted). I do like the 12-50 a lot. Bob
  3. I am not in a position to judge if John has violated any WP guidelines. I do value his observations & opinions. Bob
  4. I leave the zoom gear on the 12-50 and use the pany 14-140. If the price drops on the 12-40 f/2.8, I might consider buying it.
  5. If available, I rinse the housing (working buttons) after each dive. If not, then I cover with a wet towel or rag and keep the housing in shade. I recently had a rinse tank flood. No damage to camera or lens. I think one of the crew accidently release the housing back lock. The wet alarm went off. Now I am the only one to rinse my housing. Bob
  6. Push forward or back, I forget which and then servo zoom. Bob
  7. Panasonic PN VXQ1911 about $23 USD if you can find a supplier. Bob
  8. In days of old, we would mount (tape) gel filters to the rear element of the lens. With the exposed sensor and short flange to sensor distance of the 4/3 cameras, I don't think I would do this. Have you tried white balancing? Bob
  9. I agree with troporobo. You can use the 12-50 with the gears installed for top side photography. I really like the versatility of the zoom range and can go to the 43 mm macro mode with a turn of the knob on the port. I wasn't a big fan of the servo zoom, but I am OK with it. I suggest you do not uninstall/install the gears while on a dive trip because there are several tiny screws that could be misplaced. Bob
  10. Boogers I just lost the other cap. the other thing is the v/f eye piece keeps falling off. The camera is really nice, but some design problems Bob
  11. Nice work Thomas; thanks for posting. Bob
  12. I have not had this problem. I only use SanDisk SD cards. Bob
  13. Don't rely on me, but check the installation manual. I believe it calls for removing the rubber eye cup. This could cause a slight pressure moving your camera forward or slightly misaligned. Bob
  14. Basic check: You did remove the rubber eye cup on the view finder? Bob
  15. I haven't had either of these problems, but I am making notes to take larger contact wheels & glue. TIA. Bob
  16. I went with the 7-14, but have not shot enough yet for a report. I chose it for the choice zoom range and the relatively fast (and fixed) f-stop. Also, a good range for land photo. I would like the equivalent of the Tonk 10-17 FE. Maybe some day. Bob
  17. I went to Lembeh this year and really had a ball shooting with my new Nauti EM-5 rig. I use the 12-50 and the 60 mm macro in the 12-50 port with a flip 6x diopter. While this port with zoom is considerably more than the 60, I think having the zoom/macro switch options are highly desirable. I used the fuIl range of the 12-50 and for a quick 1:1 macro just used the macro button. OBTW, 1:1 on M43 is 22.5 mm while the D90 is 29 mm. I will be putting my Nexus D80 rig up for sale soon. Bob
  18. I use the 12-50 & the 60 mm lenses in the 12-50 port. This works well. As I recall, the euro zoom is controlled by the gear in the Nauti body, but then there is no control for manual focus. Bob
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