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  1. Hi,


    Does anyone have an english language manual for the INON z-240. I purchased mine assuming it had english instructions, but turns out not; I'm planning to use the S-TTL function with my Fujii F30.


    Any help gratefully received!






    Unfortunately, you can only get the quick start instructions on line. Cruse on over to


    www.inonamerica.com >Support > Documentation Select User's Manuals & Strobes


    You will get a down loadable 2 page pdf. Don't forget step 2 under Operation "Take image" .:)

  2. Bought a Nikon D80 from Costco with two lenses that I took over the Truk. Love the camera, not happy with the lenses (18-55, 55-200 afs). The 200 is especially soft. So it's all getting returned.


    For UW I'll definitely get a 60mm Nikkor macro to start. I'll follow with some sort of W/A soon ,but not immediately. Maybe a 10-20 or a 15mm Sigma FE, I hope to be on the Aquarium's research team and shoot 6 gills at night while they're being tagged. But that's another story for a couple of months from now.


    I'm going to Phoenix over Xmas, will do some hiking, etc. I need a couple of walking around lenses. I also need a GP lens for my real estate shots of commercial bldgs, simple portraits and stuff. Budget is limited, but I want something sharper than what I have.


    So I'm thinking either a Sigma 17-70 macro, or a 15-80 macro. I'm thinking that the Sigma 17-70 or 18-50 would be ok as a GP UW lens too.


    Plus some sort of telephoto, preferably to 300mm. I'd love to get one of the new 70-300 VR lenses, but who knows when they'll be out. How bad is the Nikon or Sigma el cheapo 70-300 DG?


    I guess my budget for all 3 lenses is around $1-1200.





    The Sigma 1-70mm macro extends 7-1/2 inchs; can't house this puppy. If you are doing buildings, I suggest 15 to 24 mm focal lengths. I don't think you'll much for $400 a lens unless you go primes. The Nikon 18-200 DX VR is a nice walking around lens, but would be most of your buget. Sell your current glass and buy the good stuff.

  3. Well, I only have a Nexus D80, but I'll add my two bits. Maiden voyage for this rig was Bayan Bay in April. I used 2 Inon Z240s with and optical link in sTTL most of the time. The bay was usually mucky at that time, so I did only close ups and macro. The sTTL was right on; only requiring normal extra dark or light back ground adjustments. I used the +/- adjustments in the camera and left the strobes in STOL. The rig still had plenty of juice after taking 300+ shots.


    Pros: D80 has all the controls and features I need. Small and compact. Optical connections - no corrosion and minimal maintenance. Z240 - plenty of power & excellent sTTL.


    Cons: The viewfinder (both of them) suck big time. I wish Toshi would redesign and retro fit.


    I have had corrosion problems with Nikonos and Nexus housing using Ikelite strobe. I think they ground thought the housing. I used zinc plates to minimize this problem.


    Has any one tried the Sigma 18-50 mm f2.8 macro (well sort of at 1:3) in the Nexus housing - either dome or flat port. If so, what zoom gear, extension, and ports?

  4. I checked out the Inon 45 deg. viewfinder above water at a dive expo. While the 45 degree angle might be good for some close to the bottom work, I do not like the attitude for general shooting. I love my ole Rollie TLR, but composing is much slower than an SLR. I share the concern about mounting on an acrylic back. I think the whole back would need to be replace with a new plexi back an aluminum mounting plate for the viewfinder. OR, best yet Toshi could design us a new 100% view of the camera view.

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