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  1. That's what I do on the 70 mm port (12-50 or 60 mm). Just have to remember to flip it open at the first of the dive Bob
  2. Hi Audrey, Phil is VERY knowable about the Oly & Nauti systems. Please heed his advice. Bob
  3. Why not check this out with a Nauti dealer like Reef Photo Video or Nauticam USA? Maybe the 4.33" port, 36132 with an extension may work for the 9-18. Bob
  4. Here's a link to the downloads for PEN and OMD. Bob http://www.olympus.co.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/download/software/firm/e1/#omd
  5. Thanks, sorry for being so dense 80) Regards, Bob
  6. Custom> Reset / My Set is still gray. The >v are setable.
  7. I am trying to set up the Mustard/Coroander u/w video settings. Two problems. VIDEO mode: Custom menu > Button/Dial The > & v arrow keys functions cannot be changed (default to One shot echo & multi echo respectively) The<^> function is set to direct function, but >v not accessible (dim, not bright), like me! v Menu 1 Reset/Myset not accessible (dim, not bright) Firmware body: 1.5, 12-50 lens 1.1 Can someone please help? Regards, Bob
  8. Geesh! That's the first notice of a malfunctioning 12-50. Was this caused by the housing gears? I'm taking the 12-50 AND the 60 mm macro to Lembeh. Maybe the 7-14 as well. Bob
  9. Thanks KC, That is a big help. Regards, Bob
  10. I remember comments/reviews about these wet diopters, but I can't seem to find the link. Please help or respond with your opinion about these two lenses. Regards, Bob
  11. . Has anyone tried alternate batteries to the Olympus BLN-1, specifically the Hahnel HL-ON1? There is a £30 difference, so on a 2 for 1 basis is it worth going for the generic battery? Greg I got some feedback from Phil Rudin when I purchased my Oly. The generics should work; I think you will need a different charger. I went with the Oly BLN-1s for consistency & reliability.
  12. Hi Claudio, Welcome to the form. I have the older 12-24 lens and used it in a 170mm dome. This required a +4 diopter to sharpen the edges. I now prefer the Tokina 10-17 FE with and without a 1.4X TC and use the Bare Dome (mini 4.33 inch). The 10-24 focuses closer, so you may not need a diopter or can use a larger dome port. I will offer my Nikkor 12-24 for sale soon. Bob
  13. I echo Steve's response. B&H and Ado are both reliable. I bought my last camera from a local dealer. The price was the same and the dealer put in a few freebees. While I was there, a customer was having a problem with his Nikkor 300 mm lens. "Oh yeah, see [so&so] upstairs and they will take care of it." Having a local resource can be a real plus. Bob
  14. Aside from the Tok 10-17, its the lack of DX lenses especially from Nikon. I am using my FX 60 & 105 for U/W. Bob
  15. That's too bad. I disapprove of feeding the locals, but a thumb is a small payment for all the ugani we eat. Bob
  16. Is he? I think the last segment is a repeat of the incident. He can be thankful the operation was successful. I recall a huge green moray in Cozy that would greet divers and try to swim through their BCs. Eventually, the eel ended up on someone’s dinner plate. Bob
  17. New firmware update. Who will be first? Phil? Also screw may cause screen crack. http://www.43rumors.com/new-e-m5-firmware-now-officially-released/ Bob
  18. You have the same top side angle of view. e.g. a 60 mm lens in a flat port is like an 80mm lens. In a dome port it is still 60 mm. Bob
  19. Both. Depends on the vis. and you may want the 60 for a night dive at Basura. I generally use the 105 on a DX camera and sometimes the 12-70. Depends on the site. Bob P.S. I like the 10-17 with 1.4 x TC in a mini dome port - w/a "macro"
  20. Well Bill, You can always start here for free. I once sold a rig on ebay only to find out it was a member of my u/w photo club. Bob
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