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  1. Good suggestion. I used this older version on an F4 almost always in MF. It is fairly good on my D80 & D200 (DX). I can switch between AF & MF with the Nexus (Anthis) multiport. Bob
  2. Register your camera with Nikon and then you can download a printable version. Bob
  3. I am seconding Steve's suggestion; for macro, you can do a lot with one strobe and a good focus light. Can you try someone's rig with the added view finder? Bob
  4. I love looking at your work. I have the Oly 12-50; It seems to me this lens in the flat port with the manual zoom and a Subsee 5x should do the trick. Likely a 60 mm as a back up and the 7-14 for reefs up North. Thanks. Bob
  5. Thanks, that's good to know. I guess my dive buddy gets my older Subsee. Let me highjack this thread. We will be in Lembeh in May. For the Oly E-5, what macro? The 60 is 120mm FX and the 45 is 90. I'm a a little wimpish with the wet diopters and will likely us the 5x. TIA. Bob
  6. Nice model! Will you have a chance to try these Popeys on the Nauti for Oly E-M with 4" and 60 mm ports? With all you diving and reporting, when do you sleep? Thanks for all the info. Bob
  7. Hi Erez, You are right of course about approching whales. What I was trying to point out is the sharpness of your image will always suffer from the subject to the lens distance in water. I don't have the 8 mm, but reviews tend to rate it above the 9-18. It is a 180 deg. FE vs. 100 deg. (@ 9 mm). You may or may not like the fish eye affect on your subjects. I don't know how your images are to be viewed (size of print, web, ....). You should get acceptable results post processing raw data at ISO 400, 800, ...? Bob
  8. Really good news about the 12-50 in the 60 port w.th the manual zoom gear. Alex, thanks for the report. Bob
  9. Will this gear and the 60 mm lens work in the 12-50 Nauti port? Bob
  10. I don’t own this lens, but here is a quote from dpreview: Central sharpness is generally very high, but the extreme corners are somewhat soft in comparison. Optimum results are generally obtained about a stop down from wide open - around F5.6 at 9mm, and F8 at 18mm. Diffraction starts to have a serious negative impact at F16, with F22 on the whole best avoided. Here’s my two cents: Water has a MAJOR diffusing impact on the image quality. Even in very clear water do not expect image sharpness beyond 1 meter. Darker water exposure tends to hide some of this in the background. “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” – Robert Capa OK, I am spoofing you a little with the Capa quote. Bob
  11. What is the camera distance to subject in your examples? Bob
  12. From 4/3rumors.com: - I got a short message from an anonymous sources saying “December 14th“. This should be the date Olympus may release the new OMD E-M5 firmware update. May some other source can confirm this? We have been told that the firmware should add several more options to the menu regarding EVF info and “one exciting feature that is sure to please users. “. My guess as you know is that Olympus will add peaking mode. Let’s see if I am right! Bob
  13. Yes, thanks for the effort; very helpful. Bob
  14. Phil, I am glad you are high and dry. Hope the boats are OK. Using a ring flash for very close up macro intrigues me. Isn’t backscatter a problem is mucky water like Lembeh? Bob
  15. I am having trouble visualizing this set up. Will you please post a photo? Bob
  16. Hey Phil, keep your head down! I have my fingers crosssed for you. Bob
  17. Yeah, you gotta have the glass. The APS-C size sensors (e.g. NEX-n) will have APS-C size lens; the corresponding M4/3 are smaller and lighter. As noted, M4/3 has a large selection of lenses - NEX does not AND only has one lens that can resolve 24 MPs. The "Sweet 16" MPs will do all that I need. Bob
  18. This post refers to a commercial post that has now been deleted-Admin Thanks for the link Manfred. I got bogged down trying to estimate the least cost shipping to Colorado in the USA. Do you have a rough guess for the cost? Does a non EU buyer pay the tax (VAT)? Regards, Bob
  19. Sorry I have not been more help. I think Hugh described the "communication" problem I had. If you get connected, hopefully the updater with point you to the right link. I don't see a 1.2, 1.4, 1.5 path for windows on the Oly site. There is one for the mac. http://www.olympusam...sp?id=1583&os=m Bob
  20. Bollocks! I when from 1.1 to 1.3 and then 1.5. Oly recalled 1.2. Unfortunately, you can not revert to 1.1. In dpreview mentioned that Oly offered an update from 1.2 to ..., but I can not find the link. Bob
  21. Ooo! I am working on my second cup and now I remember I did have a problem with the E-M5 communicating with the computer. It was a sequencing error. The problem is my memory or lack there of. I think starting the Oly program first and then plugging in the camera via USB may work. Bob
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