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  1. Pardon the digression, but I handled the Olympus E-M5 w. 12- 50 lens Thursday. I couldn’t put it down, so it came home with me. The lens doesn’t come with a hood. Minor excavation in the camera cave uncovered a Nikon HN-2 hood and a Nikon 52 mm lens cap. Gee a real metal hood! Well OK, its aluminum and from pervious misadventures I know it is very rugged. The hood does not vignette at 12 mm (24 FX equ.). The Oly cap won’t grip in this hood, but the Nikon of course does. The adventure begins! Regards, Bob .
  2. Really good work Jim! Thanks for the report. I agree that it would be good to separate the mirror less, single lens, digitals into another category in WP, but this falls on deaf ears with the administration. As far a photo competition, this camera IQ is on par or better than many DSLRs. Regards, Bob
  3. I use the 4.3" Bare Dome with a Kenko Pro 1.4x TC. Another TC may not work with the Tokina. Bob
  4. The 4/3 format does have a two stop increase in DoF e.g. f4 ~= f8 in 35FF. You eyes are better than mine; what's the focus problem? Regards, Bob
  5. Do you need 1:1? If not, consider the Sigma 17-70 "macro" with 1:2 @ 70 mm. Also, I like it for top side work. The Sigma glass is "warmer" and not quite a contrasty as Nikkor lens. Bob P.S. Doesn't Niikon make a 40 mm marco for DX?
  6. I attended a workshop with Erine Brooks a long time ago. He suggested using Tmax 100 or 200 and pushing it one stop. This increases contrast and the illusion of sharpness. I don't care much for Tmax 3200. Is TriX film still avaiable? Bob P.S. I have a Rolli, but haven't the guts to house it.
  7. I also have and had Nexus housings. At home, I do store the main housing separate in Ziploc bags, but this not likely necessary. When diving, I assemble and close everything the night before. I don’t take out the control o-rings, but do clean and grease the shafts. Pretty much an easy to maintain housing. Bob
  8. There are several [e.g. google 4/3 to m4/3 adapter]. Check with Nauticam before you buy. Bob
  9. Doh (blush)! Phil, Thanks for the feedback. Bob
  10. Thanks for your expert observations. The Nexus D80, inconveniently, does not have a pop up flash switch either. The flash for the D80 can be activated by setting the mode to A, aiming at a dark object, and then partially depressing the shutter button. Is it too early to speculate about the EVF with a pick up finder? I have not used a EVF in a housing. Is VF eye relief a factor? What is the eye relief for the Oly EMD5 EVF? Bob
  11. How come we see this on the FUN-IN before the Nauticam sites? Just guessing, I doubt the EVF will be much use w/o an added extension. A real shame Oly didn't put the EVF on the side like a range finder camera (NEX, FUJI, etc.) and housing manufacturers don't have a built in extension with sight magnification for the camera's VF. Otherwise looks great. Nauti for EM5 Bob
  12. Oh yeah, I have some of that bioprene forward on the other side. I ditched the ole Oceanic last year when it became unreliable. I added weight pockets on the back tank strap for trim balance. My new back BC has them built in. I use 2:1 or 3:2 ratio lower weight to upper back trim. Over inflating on the surface can pitch you forward. Just relax and be still. I don't have a 45 deg. finder either. When properly trimed, up or down head movements can make gentle changes in position. Bob
  13. You just need to add some ballast to your butt! Bob
  14. I buy my Nexus stuff from Woody at Nexus America. He is a also a Nikon shooter and very knowledgeable. Bob Nexus America
  15. I have use fiber opticial connections for 6 years. I stopped packing the unused S&S 5 pin as a backup. I use the Inon 240's. No problems. Bob
  16. ¡Ay cramba! Now we need to understand Scottish expressions? "England and America are two countries separated by a common language." - GBS Bob
  17. Dr. Alex, I am so glad you are "field" testing this Oly. Will you use the 12-50? What for macro? IMHO, this is the sub form for this type of camera. Don and I wanted Adam to create a section for mirrorless. Adam suggested posting to this DSLR form. Regards, Bob
  18. You can always use it in the Auto mode. Just an expensive P&S until you utilize the options. You can get a macro lens and an Inon strobe with optical iTTL. Put the camera in the A for apterure mode and at f/8 to f/11 and fire away. I am looking for a new mirrorless rig; haven't bough anything yet. To me, the Oly E-M seems the best at the moment. Enjoy the journey, Bob
  19. Thanks Don. I'm OK with not being a pro. I like iTTL for "most" of my macro work, but have to "man up" and use manual setting for w/a. Faster than 1/60 shutter speed syncs are really desired. OBTW, I can set my Nikon for M and get iTTL for the strobes. Bob
  20. Getting a PEN now with an Olympus u/w housing could be a stop gap solution if you what the EM-5 later (uses the same M4/3) lenses. As Don about shooting with a PEN. I didn't know you can't use TTL with S or M in the GX1. Bob
  21. I get good results with a Nexus 170 mm dome with 60 mm extension and no diopter - not OS, but is HSM. This is not a specialize lens; 1:2 macro at best. Bob
  22. That's great! I am really glad you will review this camera u/w. There is a new Pany 12-35 f/2.8 coming; specs at Thom Hogan's Sans Mirror: Panasonic 12-35 mm at Thom's Sans Mirror Site Some wider (7-12 mm) and fast lens (f/[1.8- 2.0]) are desired. Bob
  23. I am no expert nor do I have the Nex-7. From the reviews that I have read, only the Zeiss 24 mm for E-mount is equal to the resolving power of the Sony 24 mp sensor. Of course, proper down sizing the images can reduce this problem. I like almost everything about the Nex-7 except the ambitious 24 mp sensor for APS-C format, lens size, and the most critical is the lack of lenses. Just my $0.02. Bob
  24. I am researching a waterproof P&S for climbing, crayoning, rafting and other foolish pursuits. The Pany TS4 seems to be the best available today, but check out the new Oly TG-1. dpreview Olympus TG-1 Bob
  25. "Certainly more motivated to try this than the 85mm". OK, the 85 mm is a half stop slower. The 60 mm has a nice FoV in DX. I am curious why you are not motivated to try the longer lens with a 28.6 cm close focus vs. 16.3 for the 40 mm. VR would not be bad for topside. Also, the 85 mm FoV is more like the 105 mm on FX. Bob
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