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  1. I suggest you contact one of the USA dealers: Nexus America Marine Camera Bob
  2. I think you will be out of luck trying to get anything other than an Olympus housing by this June. Try quizzing some of the other housing manufactors. The Em-5 D may be available in the USA later this month (4/2012). Take a look at the Inon 2000 & 240 stobes. For wide angle lens 7, 7.5, 9 mm or some zoom beginning at that length. Add a 45 mm for macro. Hopefully faster 7-14 mm or wider zooms in the future. Bob
  3. OK John, we're on. I never turn down an opt. for a Fat Tire. If the gnomes of Sendi amazed us with the D7000 & D800, what could be in store for a D400 (or model whatever)? Bob
  4. I would bet a Fat Tire on Nikon replacing the D300(?) series with an DX. There is price point room between the D7000 and the FXs. D400 maybe the model. Bob
  5. Good post Don. I am also watching the the blurbs on the Oly em-5 D. Good VF, fast AF (120/240 Hz), tiltable LCD, 1/250 flash sync, many lenses choices with open system for 3rd party, ... OBTW Holloways, we tend to post MLILs in the DSLR section. You may get more eye balls in that section. Bob
  6. Good observation Bart. Consider this: if the macro lens is 1:1 (not life size or some bogus reference), then 1 to 1 is it the ration of the magnification to the diagonal. FX (3:2 aspect) 43 mm, DX (3:2 aspect) 30 mm, and m4/3 (4:3 aspect) 22.5 mm. Soooh, with the smaller m4/3 cameras we don't have to get as close for "life size". You are spot on about the short working distance with respect to illumination and squashing nudis. Bob
  7. New 60 & 150 mm macro lenses from Olympus due. 60 f/2.8 (FX eq. 120 mm) is a little long for u/w, but less than 105 (153 eq.) on a DX. 4/3 Rummors Bob
  8. Great review Adam. Thanks. I do like that this model has both manual focus AND zoom controls. Nauticam and others should take note. Bob
  9. I have the older Nikkor 60 & 105 mm macro lenses. I use the 60 or Sigma 17-70 macro on night dives. I prefer the 105 for day time if the vis. permits. I use a Nexus multi-port that allows shifting the lens between AF & MF. Both of the Nikkor macros work with the older Kenko 1.4X Pro 300 TC. (Old) Bob
  10. Yes indeed! Thank you. I have been waiting to see your work. I see you went for "super macro" with the NEX - 30mm + wet diopter, so I can't really compare to the GX1 - 45mm. the venerable Nikonos 15 holds up well, but the 7-14 seems more versatile and sharper. What is you opinion? I think Oly will release a 60mm macro soon; this could be interesting. I hope to check out some Nauticam setups later this summer. Bob
  11. Dave's comment is still valid. Gone are the days that I will penetrate 40 meters. I just bought a new BC; no need for double tanks, mixed gas, etc. There are plenty of manufacturers who make housing rated for 60, 100, … I’ll base my housing purchase on ergonomics and functionality. OBTW, every dive should be a deco. dive; ascent rate & safety stop. Bob
  12. Cor, please bear in mind that I am referring to my experience in the USA. I maintained my tanks. So the transaction is "as is" in which the buyer assumes all responsibility or contingent upon sucessful [whatever]. Bob
  13. Yes siree, the old cost benefit balance. Bob
  14. So, those are issues with non e-mount lenses with an adaptor, not the e-mounts. Without going into a lot re-researching, this is not an unsual. Not all of the lens design will work with mirrorless (short rear element to sensor distance) cameras. Bob
  15. I am in the US. I have no idea what works elsewhere. I have had no problem selling my used tanks. To be refilled, the tanks must had vaild inspection & hydo. This would fall to the buyer, unless you have a condition on the sell. Bob
  16. Yeah, me too. Hang on until later this year there should be some used D300 for sale. Bob
  17. Fast f/2.8 and a good price, BUT min. focus is 30 cm (~12"). Would require a huge dome and or a diopter. JMHO. Bob
  18. Carolyn, Thanks for sharing. How was the view throught the viewfinder? Bob
  19. Don't remember the Nikonos era? You young puppy Here's a link to a thread about that subject Nikonos with NEX Snoop around here on WP and you will find topics of interest. I am interested in the NEX-7. I am no expert, but here's my opinon. I have the Nikonos 15mm which will be not wide enough for the APS-C NEX. All of the Nikonos lens are MF and manual f-stop. There is a 16 mm (~24 mm 35FF) with a fish eye attachment and an 18-55 zoom Sony lenses. For macro, I would use the 60 and 105 Nikon lenses I have with an adaptor (they will be MF). Looking at Sony's lens road map only a wide angle zoom maybe of interest released in 2012. Sigma and Tokina may release some lens for the e-mount, but what is not know. And, who knows what the next NEX-9 will be? So, jump in if you must and by all means ENJOY! Bob
  20. I have had very good results selling my F3, F4, and other film camera gear on e-bay. Bob
  21. I have not had the good fortune to test drive the NEX-5 or NEX-7. While not ready to abandon the Nikon system, the NEX-7 and Sony A- mount cameras have many of the features I want. I use the older 105 macro mostly in MF, so using and adapter with the NEX peaking for MF should be no big deal. Phil, I think the NEX-7 (maybe the NEX-5) EFV has a 23 mm eye relief. Does this permit full view in housing with a mask? Bob
  22. Well at first blush I would agree with you. Check out MR's comparison. I think 12-16 Mp is plenty for a ASP-C size sensor. 16 or 24 really will not make a difference to me. Bob NR Nex-5 vs Nex-7
  23. Oooh, you get colors! Phil, Thanks for the link. Certainly do-able. Appears to be AF only. Bob
  24. I am wondering if the Sony LA-EA2 A-mount to E-mount adapter (78..5 x 86.5 x 44 mm) will fit in any of the housings/ports. Sony makes a 50mm and 100mm macro lens(1:1). Likely no way to get a focus gear over the adapter, so unless a control is added to the port its AF only. Bob
  25. Thanks John, That makes it clear. Bob
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