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  1. Michel, Thanks for the input on the 85mm. Bob
  2. Nikon says the 40 mm is 1:1 at 6.4". I don't know where KR gets 1.3" from the front of the lens. Lens is -2.7" + -1.5" camera thickness (would be less from sensor) = -4.2" + 6.4" = 2.2" . Still very close. This might be of some interest on the Nikon 1 system (x2.7 = 108 mm). Does anyone use the Nikkor 85 mm f/3.5 macro? For DX this would be like the 105mm FX. Bob
  3. Really a sweet lookin' rig. For macro, I would prefer 60 to 90 mm lens. Longer working distance for 1:1. The Sony NEX system is open for 3rd party lenses. Surely someone will make a reasonable focal length macro for the e-mount, but what do you use until then? Please do share your experience. Bob
  4. Yes Phil, I was talking about the Nikon. People who know me know I am totally tangential. Thanks for the clarification. Bob
  5. I am really trying to work up some love for this camera. I does have fast AF and a 1/250 sync with the mechanical shutter. If the FT1 adaptor will fit in the housing/port, then the 40 mm DX micro lens could be an option. Bob
  6. Yo Chris, Speaking of gin, I think those are pics from the Nikon V1 with the SB-N5 strobe (in a non exesisting strobe housing ???). So send either of those to Colorado and baptize it in vino tinto. Bob
  7. Very sweet housing. Have you got one wet yet? Bob
  8. Hmm, Canon with his Canon. Unfortunately, the Nikon F mount to NEX isn’t as smart. Bob Nikon to NEX
  9. "If you build it, they will come." - The Voice from The Field of Dreams WP Post Dream a little. Bob
  10. Sony has opened the NEX e-mount for other manufactures. Hopefully this will fill in the NEX lens gaps. Bob Sigma interview: NEX and Micro Four Thirds are major focus
  11. I don't use Canon lenses. For Nikkors, squeezing the rubber grip between thumb and fingers generally works. Bob
  12. Hello Edward, Thank you for the information and pictures. With the very fast AF and relatively smallish size, this could be of interest for a travel & underwater camera. I doubt that anyone besides Nikon with make lenses for this mount. That leaves adapter lenses. Consider the Nikon 40 mm macro: f/2.8 , 1:1 @ 6.4" (16.26 cm), ~ 108 mm as FX. Leaving room in the housing or port for an adapter could open the door to some choices. Bob
  13. While this is a fast lens, I don't see a use for it underwater. APS-C + flat port will be near 90 mm in FF and no close focus makes it undesiderable for u/w. IMHO. Bob
  14. By the later technology, the D7000. It seems to me that you will keep this camera for some time. A refurbished is less than $300 more than a new D90. Bob
  15. Denver to Rome via Chicago & Madrid. American and Iberia Airlines. Not the most convenient, but $1,200 cheaper. Originating with American we get our two bags full for checked luggage. Since this is a not dive trip, we only need carry on for 10 days. Bob
  16. My wife and I are using award miles for a trip to Italy. We got a decent It, but taxes & fuel surcharges were more than $600 each for a round trip on British Airways. Needless to say we are not taking BA. I am thinking of tossing my box of PG Tips in the Platte River. "Don't tread on me." Bob
  17. Prices quoted in the EU include the Value Added Tax (VAT). The rate varies per country. Most around 20%, but with down turn could be less (10 or 15%). Bob
  18. Hey Bill, Here's a lenses offering: Lens for NES
  19. Success of NEX cameras may mean more Sony lenses in 2012. Sony Road Map Mr. Sulu, make it so! Aye captain. All the best in the new year. Bob
  20. I think and ideal macro lens for the APSC sensor is 85 mm f/2.8 AF distance and sonic 1:1 @ ~ 10". Pipe dream would be 40 to 90 zoom 1:1 f/2.0. There was, now discontiued Sigma 85 or 90 mm something f/2.8 1:1 for Sony A mount (not E for NEX). The Sony E-mount is open, so Tamron & Sigma may make lenses for the NEX. Bob
  21. Diopters allow the lens to focus closer (think far sighted correction). That's the problem with the 30 mm; it focuses too close at 1:1 for lighting and too close for shy subjects. Bob
  22. Thanks Adam and Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to all. Maybe Santa will bring us a new mirrorless csc subsection in the new year. Bob Within any important issue, there are always aspects no one wishes to discuss." - George Orwell
  23. I respectfully disagree. I think the latest sensors have far greater DR than RVP and IQ is mute. I don’t know if anyone can do Cebies, so you will end up scanning your slides anyway. I love the old Fuji and I still have my V & 15 mm. Bite the bullet and go digital. Bob
  24. The Nikkor 60 mm AF-D does work with the older 1.4 PRO. There is a WP thread on this. Bob
  25. John el , Who is "he"? If you mean Armstrong, then maybe you didn't get to experience a live performance in a close venue as I did. For a teenage that though Buddy Holly hung the moon, I loved his performance. Bob
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