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  1. hi there! is the set up still available??? Whats the condition like of the rig. I am in Malaysia, can it be couriered here. cheers
  2. Well done amphibico, always a big fan of them. Looking at the camera, i assumed the whole rig will be much more smaller then the EX serries? Still wondering the Lens and ports issues. How many ports will they creates for this housing? Or maybe ports just for the prime lens? Im quite blur now..... anyway good luck to amphibico@aquatica.
  3. Hi all !!! Would like to sell my Phenom FXZ1 amphibico ( housing only) for sony Z1 or FX1 camera. Used only twice for tv documentary, Still in perfect Condition. The package includes of - Amphibico Phenom Housing - Latest 94 degree Wide Angle lens - Flat port - Amphibico hardcase. for sale at USD 2,700.00 (nego) please email me at adzri@wirasaujana.com should you need more detail
  4. thanks soren ! you should give it a try one day, easy access from the shore. black sand diving! cheers
  5. hi wagsy.. i stayed with tony, tulemben wreck divers. cant afford to stay in other resort that charged in euro. Was there for 2 d 1 n. A bit broke hahaha. The wreck vis was superb in the morning before the crowd from kuta came in in the afternoon. Anyway it was great dives there.
  6. Amazing diving at USAT liberty wreck, Tulamben, Bali
  7. hi pete ! If this unit still available please let me know, im in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I can be reach via email adzri@wirasaujana.com or adzri@underwaterstudios.net Cheers
  8. Hi there !!! Please check your PM. A brand new amphibico Phenom housing for sale. Hope you can pm me if you have any inquiry cheers
  9. adik


    Hi Walther!! How long have you been using this set up. Im interested but need to know more. Do you have an email?? or you can email me at adzri@underwaterstudios.net or adzri@wirasaujana.com Cheers walther
  10. Hi all !!! Would like to sell my Phenom FXZ1 amphibico housing for sony Z1 or FX1 camera. Brand new unit. Never been underwater. Plus the hardcase. Plus the Lens, Phenom FXZ1 94 degree wide angle lens. Cheaper 30 % from the retail price. If interested please contact adzri@underwaterstudios.net. The Phenom Housing Features :- Designed for professional underwater use 14 Electronic push button controls to access over 25 functions 3 Mechanical push button controls Proportional Manual Focus Proportional Manual Zoom Manual Iris Manual Gain Manual Shutter Speed Power On/Off VCR Mode (Play, Rewind, F-Foward, Stop, Pause) Index Markers Menu Control Panel Sensitive Dual Hydrophones Water sensor alarm Tally light flashes green while filming 2.5X magnified viewfinder w/adjustable dioptric control Bayonet Mounted Lens System Standard Dome/Flat port lens with full zoom-through capability 3 Auxiliary ports 2 x flip filters capability Left Hand Grip Controls Proportional Manual Focus Wheel Video Lights on/off - for left and right light arms Review Screen Display Index Markers Right Hand Grip Controls Record/Standby Wide-Angle/Telephoto Proportional variable zoom White Balance Manual/Momentary Auto Focus VCR functions
  11. Hello to all the Member! Im from Malaysia and currently learning about UW videography. Glad to joint this forum and hopefully to learn more from you guys. Thanks
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