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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I have bought a strap wrench and it does a great job.
  2. G'day Everyone I'm having trouble removing an Ikelite port body from the dome. Can anyone recommend a tool to help loosen the thread? I vaguely remember discussion about some kind of wrench/spanner (an oil filter or strap wrench perhaps?) but have had no luck searching through old posts. Any advice will be gratefully received. Cheers Matt
  3. Thanks Tim for sharing your experience. I'm leaning towards trying my luck with a stock agent that doesn't currently stock underwater images. Your experience is reinforcing that view. Matt
  4. G'day All I think I'm at the stage now where I am getting a high enough volume of good quality images to consider selling through a stock agent. There seems to be an overwhelming choice of them out there and I'd appreciate some advice. How can I tell that a prospective agent is a good one? What sort of standard conditions should I accept with respect to fees, copyright etc? My research so far has turned up another consideration. Do I choose an agent that: 1) stocks (and therefore, presumably sells) a high number of underwater images; or 2) does not presently stock many underwater images. My plan here would be that there will be less competition with other underwater photographers within the agency, so any underwater images sold are more likely to be mine. As you can probably tell, I'm a newcomer to this and would be grateful for any tips you can throw my way. Cheers Matt
  5. My understanding is that the DS50 is not current enough to be TTL compatible with the D80. You need to have it upgraded, or use a later model strobe like the DS51.
  6. it's the stealthiest way I can think of to access a nude beach with a camera ... :shock:
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