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  1. Fab, I really like the clownfish and baracuda! I still ahvne't seen dolphins in the red sea (or indeed anywhere) everytime we do a liveaboard out there Dolphin reef (I think it is) on the agenda then mysteriously disappears off
  2. Superb shots - I'm even more excited about my trip there now! Only 11 days to go then I've got 6 weeks travelling around Oz ;D;D;D
  3. Alex, do you want to borrow my heated waistband so you don't end up eating your words??!! I had a positively toasty dive on Swanage Pier the other week at 18 deg!!
  4. Wow fantastic images I particulalry like the last photo where the seapen (?) is on the diagonal, leads my eye right to the crab, love it!
  5. Stunning images! I'm off to Oz for 6 weeks in September (I can't wait!!) and am hoping to spend a week with the leafys ;D Hope my results are as good as yours (and Alex's!)
  6. Thanks Brad - I love your turtle shots - they're fab!! We did indeed have Jerry as a Diveaster and he was fab! We also managed a day at Apo and yes you're right the corals were stunning (although I think we Brits are spoilt as the Red Sea is so close to us so we're used to those kinds of vistas (In my opinion)!) I would have loved to dive the Pier in the dark but we didn't get the chance unfortuantely - hopefully next time as this is a place I defninitely want to return to!
  7. Absolutely helps - thank you very much! I've only done 2 mandarin fish dives so it's not surprising I've not got the results, was just really frustrated when I'd prepped my gear for the second dive and still wasn't able to get focus when they came out to play (although at least I managed to get an ok shot of one in the coral which was a better result than my fist dive!) I think it's really easy to underestimate the lengths people go through to get their awesome shots even though deep down I think I really know! Thanks again, much appreciated
  8. Absolutely stunning photo! Would I be cheeky to ask you how you had your rig set up? After an unsuccessful Mandarin fish dive myself (focus light packed up after I'd spent I don't know how long making a red filter for it!! ) I'd love to know how you got your shot... What spotting / focus light were you using? Did you go for a red filter etc
  9. Superb, thanks for the info Todd... That's another trip sorted for next year then!
  10. Todd - some great images, thanks! I work on the principle that if I want to show people 5 images from a trip then I have a result - everything else is just learning!!! Out of interest, Bonnaire - am I right in thinking it's mainly shore diving and pretty flexible with regards to not having dive guides? I'm keen to get out there next year but am finding many places visited on holiday do not cater to the needs of a photographer who want to stay in a small area for a long time...
  11. He he he that's when you want to be on video really isn't it - it's like watching a swarm of locusts go through destroying everything in their wake! ;D Am very intrigued about the secret macro sites now!
  12. Ooooh, what are your other top 3 macro sites? I'm a girl so hopefully wasn't the person getting in your shots If so apologies, I hope I was pointing my fins for you
  13. Cool How was your resort? What did you think of PG? Did you manage to get to Dumagete? The pier there was awesome...
  14. I've just spent 8 days in the Philippines in both Dumagete and Puerto Galera staying at Atlantis Resorts. Both resorts had fantastic diving, from muck diving to pristine coral reefs, shipwrecks and the best pier diving I've ever done. Both resorts really cater for photographers with great guides who are fantastic at spotting critters that do not need any "encouragement" to pose. In Dumagete the guides even carry slates with them to write down the names of the wierd and wonderful things we were seeing - very handy indeed! I cannot recommend these two resorts highly enough for photographers - the Pier at Dumagete, even though private and needs special permissions, is definintely one of the best locations I've ever been fortuante enough to dive and works well for both macro and wide angle - there's enough life on one pier leg alone to spend a whole 60 minute dive on and the swim back to the boat across the sand always resulted in finding more wierd and wonderful critters! Anyway enough talk, the rest of the pics can be found here: http://www.sealifethroughthelens.com/page11.htm
  15. I don't think there is a need to be aggressive, I only asked what you meant. I am being very realistic and the very few things listed above that I have done (touched the reef with my camera, touched soft coral with my fins), have always been by accident (apart from photographing fish and the strobe firing) and as a result of said accident I have taken more care in the future to minimise any disturbance I have on the reef. That's not being naive, it's my way of trying to not be intrusive into the environment as I recognise how lucky I am to be able to enjoy the amazing world down there. However, I personally think those accidents are a little different to picking things up and moving them for your own gain. But I acknowledge that is my own boundry that I've set myself and don't expect everyone to be the same. And I don't expect to be called a hypocrite or naive for trying my best
  16. Erm could you explain your post to me please? How can my non touching policy be a selfish exploit that is doing harm?
  17. Fantastic shots Stew Only thing I can think would be to rotate the goby on the bubble coral through 90 degrees, he feels like he's falling out of the shot for me at the moment! Otherwise absolutely fab! By the way, I'm just up the road from you in Romsey (presuming you are Soton UK and not Soton anywhere else in the world!)
  18. Awww not good news for mommaocto but another great story and pic! Thanks Laz
  19. Stunning images for sure - I'm not sure I agree with moving the nudi's to get the pics though...
  20. Laz, please do keep us up to date and defo do the little octo story - it's threads like this that get me through the days I am stuck in the office and can't dive or can't dive with the camera - I love it! Huge bravo and a plea for more to come please!
  21. Lovely thanks Drew - I hadn't read far enough on the second link to get it to make sense as I'd already tried DIgimarc Many thanks
  22. Try as I might I cannot find out how to insert copyright watermarks on my images (not that anyone would use them but hey!) Can anyone give me a dummies guide on how too please? Thanks in advance...
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