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  1. Ah, Well, suppose I'd better make my query a little clearer. Anyone know of a way of eliminating the camera motor noise being recorded as well & interfering with recording the sounds from outside the housing ?
  2. Hi, This has probably been a topic before but I can't find anything on the forum. Does anyone know how to eliminate the camera motor noise being picked up by the housing microphone ? cheers for any ideas.
  3. 200ft waterproof MP3 player Just another piece of evidence from the insanity of consumerism appeasing the mindless.
  4. Hi, I use a 1450 Pelican which is nothing short of perfect for my Mac Book Pro 15". An australian check-in lady would not let me take it on board despite the fact that it fell off the luggage trolly a couple of days earlier & the reason for my flight was to take the computer for repairs from that fall. On the return flight I had no problems. I wrote to Qantas & asked what they could suggest I do re carrying the laptop. I received an e-mail saying " may we suggest you protect your computer with bubble wrap". Highly scientific a solution in anyone's language. That's what's so annoying these days. They won't let you take it aboard yet when you leave it in their care & it gets damaged it's your problem.
  5. Anyone aware of this Baby ? HDVSEATEK
  6. hi, have you had a look at the SEALUX range of housings-very impressive & wider ports that the big 3 makers. cheers
  7. Ronscuba, I have accumulated several UW film & video outfits over the years. I'm now at a stage where I want to utilise the housings by fitting the new cameras. Controls are no problems at all & the housings are still excellent. I guess what I would like to find an answer to is; do the new HDV single chip cameras require ports/glass with specific HDV properties for technical reasons or is a good dome port for DV a good dome port for HDV as well I find the 80 mm angle of the Amphibico Navigator, the L&M Stingray 2 & the Gates Diego just not wide enough for my new project. Fisheye is too distorting on the other hand because of the straight objects I want to film. I thought the 128° Inon or the 145° Sealux would have been an ideal angle. When I saw one of the three top UW housing manufacturers providing ports for Inon lenses I assumed they were HDV compatible/quality. I have just orderd the Raynox 0.30 and an Aquatica dome & hopefully it'll work out. thanks for all your input.
  8. I get about 50% zoom with my dome port. Ronscuba, I want to use a very wide but not a fisheye lens to film a large structure in 10 m (33') visibility. From your experience, would the raynox's softness still be very obvious even with no zooming ? Would the poor visibility help in making this softness somewhat less distracting ? In your opinion, would an ikelite dome compliment this lens ? thanks again
  9. cheers Ronscuba, I just looked up the Raynox 0.3 semi fisheye & it looks promising if I can find the correct dome for it. It should offer around 110-120° which is what I desire. thanks
  10. I have used a INON wet lens with my HC 1 with bad results... heaps of distortion and softening around the edges. So much so I would never use the footage. Unfortunately I think that I come to the conclusion that if you want a good lens it is going to cost!!! J many thanks Jonny, you confirmed my suspicions.
  11. hi, As there are no real wide video UW lenses apart from professional (super expensive) I wondered if anyone could provide some info on the following. Are the "wet lenses" i.e. Inon, Epoque, Sea&Sea 100 mm classified as HDV lenses ? I enquired about the Amphibico 120̊̊̊̊̊° for use on the EVO HC1 and was told it was not compatible. Sealux advertises it's 145° Fisheye but can't deliver till well into next year. My L&M "superwide" is well short of the definition of super. I just want to know if single chip HDV requires special UW Port optics or can wet lenses be of sufficient quality for HDV. thanks
  12. the domes look interesting. are they hdv quality ? if so, where'd you get them ?
  13. I recently went on a mass diving boat to the great barrier reef out of cairns and observed that 95 % of the people entering the water used sunscreen. The dive master strongly recommended the use of it. If each diver/snorkeller uses 100ml of this sunscreen & if there are 5000 people/day = 500 litres of chemical being poured onto the reef. no wonder the reefs are in a sad state.
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