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  1. I think this is a close relative to the above animal. Someone will know.
  2. May 2022. Found in Dauin at about 10/15m on a short wall. Only about 2 cm. in length. Perhaps slightly more. Second photo seems to show a small breathe hole???
  3. A Lamellaria! Unbelievable! Nice work everybody, thanks.
  4. Here’s a photo that more focused. Taken in Romblon at about 20 meters. About 6/7cm. in size
  5. My ID guru, Elias, informs me this is a Trapania Vitta.
  6. Could this be the developmental stage of the Butterfly nudibranch?
  7. Thanks for all the help. Found a similar photo in above article. Smart people on Wetpixel!
  8. Kraken, will present a tougher one tomorrow. Good job! Terry
  9. Kraken and the Boys should ace this one. Romblon island, 12 hrs. south of Batangas, Philippines. June 2022
  10. Thank you to everyone. I knew there smart guys on Wetpixel!! I was either very low on air or out off, when I took the photo as I passed by. Wish I had more time to get a better photo. With the name was able to find a picture on Google. You guys crushed it.
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