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  1. Near Pulisan, northern Sulawesi. About 10 meters
  2. Pulisan, Northern Sulawesi. Depth about 10meters, water clear
  3. Found in Ternate, North Maluku. Depth 5 meters
  4. Hello, curious where you found the snoot attachment? Thanks. adriancet@aol.com
  5. July, Kri Island, Raja Ampat 20 meters, On coral head
  6. Love it! Thanks for your knowledge. Terry
  7. Hairball…20 meters..black sand
  8. Found in Manado Bay. June. 10/15 meters. Focusing on eyeballs helps distinguish this guy.
  9. Here are two cousins. Lembeh, Hairball,15meters.
  10. Smart guys on Wetpixel. Photo appears to be similar or the same. Thx.
  11. 3x D-2000 diffusers plus extras. Removed projection on back of blue to fit See photo $20.00 + $9.00 shipping. Venmo or PayPal please. adriancet@aol.com
  12. I think this is a close relative to the above animal. Someone will know.
  13. May 2022. Found in Dauin at about 10/15m on a short wall. Only about 2 cm. in length. Perhaps slightly more. Second photo seems to show a small breathe hole???
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