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  1. Price Reduction Now $25.00 Free Shipping
  2. Inon UCL-165 M67 macro with 67mm thread……$20.00 Inon Underwater Close Up lens……$10.00 $30.00 + $9.00 shipping Total $39.00 PayPal acct: adriancet@aol.com
  3. Price reduction, now $150. + $15.
  4. For sale these (2) 8” arms and (2) standard clamps and the TR-D tray $50. + $10. shipping…$60.00 PayPal: adriancet@aol.com
  5. Nauticam CMC-1 in perfect condition. No scratches, dings anything. Includes Lens, 67mm adapter, front and rear covers, and neoprene bag. USD $220. + $10. shipping to US. Total $230. PalPal please
  6. Inon S-2000 in excellent used condition Includes Inon Optical D cable and ULCS AD-IN adapter Also a spot of glue holds diffuser in place (easily removed if you choose) USD $185. + $15. shipping to US PayPal please
  7. I have one available. Asking only $100. USD. Lens is perfect. I am in USA, you’re in Spain. Shipping will be $40 to 50.
  8. I have a pristine one available. $280. usd adriancet@aol.com Terry
  9. Reduced the price. Still available
  10. Hello, I have 2 8” arms and 2 clamps available. $80.00 USD ($20 each piece). I will pay shipping. PayPal for payment. adriancet@aol.com
  11. I have this S-2000 available. Last used 5/2018 I am asking $270.OO One caveat. I used a spot of glue to hold diffuser in place. Easily removed if replaced. adriancet@aol.com
  12. Price reduced $260.00 Free shipping to US Paypal: adriancet@aol.com
  13. How do you pm another member?
  14. Hello, Yes this is still available. Includes both lens covers, neoprene bag, and common 67mm threaded lens mount (lower right)
  15. I have Inon S2000 with adapter and fiber optic cable
  16. Selling my Nauticam CMC-1 Pristine condition $280.00 Free shipping in US
  17. Want to buy Nauticam CMC-1. PM me. Or email. adriancet@aol.com
  18. A Price would be interesting.
  19. Nice job, Pal, you nailed it.
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