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  1. I recently tried using a 67MM threaded URPRO CY filter behind a 8" ikelite dome. However, I could not get rid of an overall general red hue in the shots. I was within the 40-60ft range and thought I doing everything correct, obviously not, right. So, technique suggestions anyone? B/c I would like to try using color correction filters. Thanks. e=me
  2. I too like 1226, but also like the orientation of 0958 and 0963. I have not been around manatees since the 80's. The same problems seems to have plagued them then as well.
  3. The first shot looks like the little guy is "looking up" at you.....really cool all around.
  4. Here are some shot of a recent dive.....< >
  5. Below is a link to a slide show of some shots taken during my trip to Maui last month....YouTube really lowers the quality of pics when uploaded to the site so I apologize up front for the lack of detail that is missing. < > Enjoy. e=me
  6. e=me


    Wanted to know what are some good 67mm thread-in filters for blue water shots in 20-40 ft and 60-100 ft? I tend to use Hoya filters .........thanks.....
  7. There are two WP topics on this: Link 1 Link 2 Looks like most say it will get in the way of seeing the viewfinder.
  8. Dave.... Maybe a little help with marketing the ID pixs....a hot product here in HI, mainly for the visitors, is a wrist ID chart...pixs are printed on front and back of small cards (maybe 2"x2") that are attached to a coiled wrist "key chain." Selling like hotcakes....funny too since the company that makes them is in Oregon. other than that your pix is are brilliant
  9. Danielandrewclem. Skepticism is a wonderful tool for engaging argumentative conversations, though I felt that you where too against the grain on this topic –resulting in my response. Though given the sources of this story I felt that your stance on its validity was misguided. There are a number of institutions that knowingly propagate false information to achieve their agendas, albeit on false pretenses and this could have very well been one of them, but the way in which I took your opinion was that none of the information provided was genuine. I am in agreement with you that this should not be the keynote of any pro-shark petition, as its use is limited and has no bearing on the facts of or repercussions of shark fishing. This is merely an avenue used by some to capture them, thereby, making it a subsidiary of the action though in no way the resource of perpetuating it. Personally I feel that this petition is irrelevant, not to mention inadequate, in that the author would have more results contacting the Humane Society or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on the issues of this topic considering the US has federal laws preventing this. If in fact it is the French Embassy of Washington DC they plan to contact having such a driven voice, and creditable, voice would help this cause.
  10. First though - why did the have to wait to download to a laptop back at the hotel? Even my old sony Mavica had a review button and 2.5 LCD....could not they have just shared with everyone on the boat....but I guess journalistic dramitics are needed to capture your attention.... Second thought – ‘ol white shark is a little disproportioned in comparison to the divers. Good times though, and ah no I would have probably giving the international sign for WTF is that behind you!
  11. If you are looking for wireless tank data, you may want to take a look at the Suunto D9; while the Vytec is nice the D9 is more up to date with newer technology. However, I think that your premise for pursuing such a device may be a little skewed and is potentially sacrificing your safety. I say this from your comment of “I figure that this is actually justified as being safer than having a tethered gauge console.†The mundane data provided by any device should always be monitored to ensure your continual safety, whether it is tethered or not. I am almost positive that the failure rate of the D9 is minimal, yet, there is no way I would enter the water with this being my only tank-monitoring device. This is mainly because the D9, as well as others, work off of transmitters that have potential of failing due to flooding or battery failure. The D9, or any other wireless tank-monitoring device, are products of convenience and should be used in conjunction with tradition methods, such as the SPG. I do not mean to berate you individually, but I am more sharing my opinion on the use of these devices as the sole reliance of tank data. No matter how interesting the shots you must always be consciously aware of the other aspects of diving, the ones that allow you to partake in the activity in the first place. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent and perpetuate a situation that could jeopardize your safety. Overall, go for it – I recommend the D9.
  12. GoDaddy starts as low as 2.80/mo for 5G/space, 250G/transfer and 4.89/mo for 100G/Space, 1,000G/Transfer, and 1,000 Email Accounts. (Link)
  13. danielandrewclem...... I just say, wow, what a stance to take in this thread. While some of your observations may have ground, e.g. small hooks are nominal for shark fishing, in regards to the reliability of where these photos originated. I would like to think that a source as trustworthy as NG would not post/print an article if it where not true ~minus the cover of them moving the pyramids. I have to ask; did you read any of the articles? Maybe you have become so conditioned by today's media, where everything is given to you without effort or your own personal analytical thinking, that if it requires the tedious chore of actually reading then you must pass over it and search for only that which is visual. This argument is due to that at no time through your period of mundane ramblings do you refer to any of the articles’ statements. Just in case, I have included an excerpt from the NG article for you to review and let you ponder why the canine may have had a collar on, since this is your premise for dismissing the validity of these claims. “Unlike most of the hooked animals, the dog was someone's pet, according to Saliha Hadj-Djilani, a reporter for the Thirty Million Friends Foundation's TV program. The dog had apparently escaped its captors and was taken to the SPA by a concerned citizen. Fully recovered, the animal is now home with its owners.†Hmm, lets see. Pet had owners, was found by concerned citizen, and returned to said owners. At some point during this canine’s plight I am convinced of the two probable circumstances: (1) Since the canine had owners maybe it had the collar on the entire time, but that doesn’t seem right, or (2) the concerned citizen found the canine and collared it prior to the Vet visit. Wow, that almost burned me out thinking that up! You must also take into account that these articles are from 2005, thought the petition did not start on the link site until 2007, and since then legislation has been put in place to ensure the prevention of future instances, thereby, leading to the lessening reports of such events. Funny how when a there is a statute in place to prevent an action that is deemed inappropriate there is a decrease in such an event; is it not? However, if you had read and not merely looked at the photos you could have gathered this information yourself ~but I guess you like to think of yourself as a guy who buys Playboy to read the articles, right? Then again, you may be onto something – if I were committing heinous acts towards something I too would want proof of these actions readily available for people to find so that that I could be condemned for it. Perfect! Enjoy.
  14. Luiz.... Must be nice to get outside the cage - you must have some leverage. You did you go with? Looks like the cage for Hawaii Shark Encounters, if so it is nice to seem them still running strong after Jimmy's early departure. Back in May I had my first run-in with a Niuhi while on the "dive." I end up going on the charter about once a year when friends visit. It was nice because I chartered the boat for a group of 12; for many of whom it was their first time in Hawaii, first Shark encounter, and for three it was their first time snorkling -so lucky them. Good times!
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