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  1. first thanx for ur reply,, what other options i can use,,, the problem that i sent an email to sea&sea but no reply till now,,, what other lens i can use?? can i use sigma 105 vr ,, or nikon 105vr, is it with the base or only the port is enough???? all of this questions i need to know so i can buy the lens and start using it.......... thanx again
  2. hi i already did search but could not find any answer... i have acquired the above port and have no idea what macro lens to use with it... i also have sea&sea D200 housing and NX Compact Macro Port Base with it,, i cant find any info about this port in the sea&sea chart.... i hope someone can help me thanx
  3. hi what is ur last price my friend,, and can u post a pic for the housing from back,, thanx
  4. thanx sooooooooooooo much for reply...... its never late,,,, i used the camera in CINEMODE and and manual balance,,,,,, i got nice results ,,but i will follow also your advices
  5. hi all i got new hv30 and ikelite housing ,,,, i just need an advice for the best settings for underwater.... any one did any shooting with hv30??? the problem there is no times for me to try it underwater before my next trip after two 2 days..... thanx for every thing
  6. im the first diver in UAE ( United Arab Emirates) but i cant add any more details like my phone # or email ,, how can i do that
  7. guyes i will be away from the net for 4 days,, so if i didnot post dont think that im ignoring the topic,, i will be in a deep dive for some testing,,,, waiting for more ideas,,, Thanx alot for DeanB, steve, Nick Hope ,king Drew ,Roger Eve for your ideas and many thanx for every body who will post in the next 4 days while im not online.,. see you guys
  8. Thanx alot DeanB and Steve its really nice to learn from the experts,, i contacted other company to rent the gear and im still waiting for them to contact me to know what stuff they have,, you know somthing ,, there is alot of divers here in dubai,, but there is few of them r shooting underwater,, i already working in a TV station as Video Editor, so i know what shots i need to take,, but i do really love underwater shooting because i do belive that the worest thing is to deal with human,, i love to deal with sharks rather than with human,loooooool,, im kidding..... small sharks will be fine so any more ideas will be helpful to me,, and we still waiting for the french Director to come..... and decide about the shooting,,, so more ideas will be best for the forum and for every body............
  9. Hi all this is the story a production company in dubai contacted me to shoot for them underwater,, they want to shoot a rescue teem in a shallow water , like 5 or 6 meters,,, this is the first time for me to do pro underwater filming,,, can yoiu give me some tips like the white balance and color and light,, the visabilty in Abu Dhabi ( UAE Capital ) its very poor,, like 3 to 5 meters or less,, i found sony HVR-V1E and Gates FX7/V1 housing,, i will take them if i didnot find any other company with better offer.... any simple tips will be good for me,,, thanx alot
  10. its not 1st April yet,, you dont know what happend to me... i said to every body in in the TV station where im working that the new hv21 is out next month and i will wait untill it come out and i will buy the hv20 with less price,,,,,,,, but nice joke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i said to you before,,,, you are the prince ,, im still a servant
  11. thanx alot for calleing me with Al Amir Ahmed,,, this is surprise post that hv21 is coming soon,,, from where did you get the info , coz i didnot find any thing on the internet and do you know any info about it,,, if you can send me a link for it,,, thanx again prince drew (( Al Amir drew ))
  12. hi drew we have ikelite dealer in dubai,,, and i called them now,, if i want the housing,, they get it from US and they have repair and 1 year warranty............ they took my contact details and they will call me for the total price,,i think i will go for ikelite,, HV20,,, but still need more learning coz im still beginner,,,,,, thanx again........ and keep me updated with any new news
  13. thanx alot drew im sorry but i was away from the internet few days,, i'v read the thread and i think its a cool camera but only ikelite did underwater housing, i wonder it dosent have a lanc ,, so how its connected to the ikelte housing.... and few days i sent an email to http://www.aquavideo.com ,,, Dear sir > > > > I don't know if you are providing housing for > sony hdr-hc7 and how > much is it?? > > > > And canon HV20 and how much is it??? > ----------------------------------------------- reply We make housings for both. Either one would be $1399 including wide angle lens. I don't have a brochure sheet for those yet but they would be essentially the same as the one for the HC3. I will be making housings for both of those cameras in the next month so if you order by August 30 you can take $100 off for a price of $1299.00 http://www.aquavideo.com/pdfs/SonyHDRHC3HousingBrochure.pdf Thanks, Mike 954 937 6600 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so that is what happend,, maybe we can see what they will make,, but plz drew ,, do you prefer ikelite.. coz i do really respect your openion and your choice ,,, i know i bothered you with my qustions... thanx alot and waiting for your reply
  14. canon hv20 ( white balance Presets, Automatic ) (Sensor resolution 2 megapixels ) sony hdr-hc7 (White balance Custom, Presets, Automatic ) (( Sensor resolution 6.08 megapixels ) i found that hv20 is cool,, but does that white balance and the sensor resolution will coz a big problem,, give me your opinion waiting
  15. im having a look now,, do you know any site to cmpare between sony hdr-hc7 and canon hv20???
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